How to organically grow your LinkedIn Company page?

Organically growing your LinkedIn company page is not as difficult as it looks. Use these tips....


Divya Shah

3 years ago | 2 min read

Busting the biggest myth about LinkedIn Company page: 
“LinkedIn does not promote the company pages; hence, you cannot organically grow your company page on LinkedIn.”

I believed the same until a few months ago before I had my new project to grow a company’s LI page.

What has been my experience so far? 

The truth is with the right content strategy (of course, A/B testing of your content is required), and consistency, you can grow your LinkedIn page manifold over a span of time. 

But why should you grow your LinkedIn Company page? 

If you are a founder or a co-founder of the company and plan to build your personal brand and establish your presence, you need to grow your company page. 

It improves your brand credibility, especially if you are a startup.

What are the few actionable tips for growing your LinkedIn company page?

  1. Design your company page:
    Completing all the details about your company, like headquarters, about the company, the approximate number of employees, adding your current employees, on the page, and so on will boost your credibility, especially if you are a startup.

    I also recommend uploading a customised banner on the company page, as it is the first impression for any visitor visiting your company page. Also, updating banners timely will make the page more visually appealing.
    Do not forget to add CTA, which is usually directing the visitors to the relevant platform after visiting your LinkedIn company page. The dimension of the company page’s profile picture is 300*300 pixels in the square. Thus, having a square logo is always recommended.

    Your company page should eventually reflect your company’s culture, helping you attract high-quality employees.
  2. Employees engagement: If your employees update posts on their profile, backlinking it to your company page will give an organic boost to the page. If possible, create a banner for your employees, and ask them to update it on their personal LinkedIn profile. This is bound to grow awareness about your company as each team member will have a unique set of visitors. Further, as a founder or a co-founder, you should remember to backlink the page on each of your posts. 
  3. Varied Content: Though it is a company page, it is crucial to post content for your target audience segments. Your post can be divided into three major segments. 
    1. Latest updates about your company.
    2. Participate in moment marketing. 
    3. Talk about your employees' achievements. 
  4. Backlinking across social media platforms: Repurpose your content on the company’s different accounts across various social media platform. Backlink the content to your LinkedIn’s page, and it will boost the visitors. 

Organic growth is not dead if you’re using the right strategy. However, the right strategy can be found by testing, because growth strategy is not one fit for all. 

What should the LinkedIn company’s overview section surely include?

Firstly, avoid copy-pasting the about us section from your company’s website. This is a big NO!

1. An overview section of your LinkedIn’s company page should include 4-5 lines about what your company does, which is essentially a brief to give the visitor a glimpse of what your company is about.

2. The brief should be followed by what solutions you offer and which problems you address. This will help you reach out to your target audience, given the right keywords are being used, which will rank your company’s page higher.

3. Add your company's website link in the end.

Protip: Attracting visitors is not enough if you cannot convert them as your customers.

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