Others ways to contribute to open source

Do you think that coding is the only way to give a contribution to open source projects? You're wrong! It's much easier than you might think, and with so many more options


Raissa Correia

2 years ago | 1 min read

So many developers want to leave a contribution to projects they always use and know a lot, however, we always feel too inexperienced and intimidated to add any code to these projects. That's why I came up with alternative ways to contribute and start to be closer to the open-source community and your favorite projects.


This is the easiest and more accessible in my opinion. No new content to be created by you, just the effort to bring help to developers that are not fully fluent in English. There are MANY things to translate: the app itself, documentation, tutorials...


There is too much content these days for some things and too little for others, especially more advanced and niche examples, and it's a great way to show as a portfolio, not only content about how to use a tool but how a tool work. Remember that content is not only tutorials, in text or video, but also documentation, guides, books, and compilations of other articles/videos

Discussions and Forums

If something looks wrong, comment about it on forums, on GitHub issues, at least will make the developers more aware of a common mistake, or a bug, or an issue with a specific environment


Of course, all these projects need funds to hire people full-time and accelerate project development, if you can it will be really appreciated.

Non-code accessibility support

This is part of the content section however I'll make this another section just to remember this neglected segment

Usability tests

Testing to make sure that user experience in several devices, for several segments of users is crucial to growth if it's destinated to non-tech consumers


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