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How Pandemic changed consumer behaviour in Tech

Pandemic changed many things in industry and consumer behaviour in technology


melih yumak

3 months ago | 3 min read


Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Pandemic changed many things in everyone’s life

People start doing things online day by day and many companies went fully remote working. When we compare what can be achievable while working in pandemic times we can see many things have been changed drastically.

Those changes affected people in very different ways. So many people start living inside their apartments, houses without much human interaction. Internet usage has increased significantly and social interactions decreased as well.


As a result of being afraid of getting covid-19 people start buying things online instead of going to physical shops. E-commerce websites and online shop numbers have increased significantly. While many people think they must see an object before buying it has totally changed.

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash


Markets start letting people in by their covid vaccination passports or proof of negative test results. Many countries applied border restrictions as well.

People start buying their groceries online even instead of going to supermarkets on a daily basis. Online groceries stores has been opened more than ever, people start stocking the living supplies. Because of that there was huge distribution imbalances happened.

People start using the online groceries services after a while and get used to their availability. Who does not like ordering something and get that in less than hour to their doors. 🎉

The online order numbers increased so fast and many things went out of stock very fast. Since you can not go out and ask for another shop you had to wait something to come up to the stocks again.

As a result of this many big e-commerce websites get much more revenue than before and make more investment on their delivery systems, contactless deliveries have increased.

Food delivery

Many people learnt how to cook for themselves and prepared their meals at home without putting themselves into the risk of being covid.

Food delivery companies promoted more than ever to be able to gain much more users in their application. The people who used to eat outside struggled more when all the restaurants closed. But many of them start pick up or delivery systems by their own.

Many food delivery startups has been born to deliver food to the people who wants to order.

Compact working areas for remote offices

Since remote work became our part people who does not have a working desk had to get one and start working on their homes. There are many compact furnitures and compact electronic devices get in to our lives.

People start buying extra monitors to their homes and many of them can be work via USB.

Photo by Euan Cameron on Unsplash

People started working all around the world without needing to go to the office everyday. I believe many companies had a policy of unlimited home offices before but if you ask me not many people has getting these home offices 🙂

Solar Systems

Many people left their apartments in the city center and went outside of the city to live. Even if there is no electricity or heating systems. People start using solar panels to get electric support for their cabins or tiny houses.

Photo by Mischa Frank on Unsplash

As a result of requirements there are many compact solar companies has been born to provide electricity to these people.

As a result of these changes

Technology firms are creating much more easy solutions for the market owners and sellers now to enable them to open an online market in a very few steps. Many people can open their shop in instagram in a second or start selling stuff online in second hand websites.

I believe there will be much more changes also coming with the Metaverse to our lives. I will get in to that topic in the future but adaptation to these changes and making everything in front of the computer and mobile devices will be a huge impact in our future life as well.

Please comment below what do you think it has been changed with Covid :)

Thank you for reading this far!



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