Part 2 - Design Approach I am using right now for My Web Design Projects - Coffee Shop Website

Make Sections Using Comments


Aashir Aamir Khan

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I posted my design Approach Part 1 yesterday. You can read it here: Part 1 - Design Approach I am using right now for My Web Design Projects - Coffee Shop Website .

Continued from the previous part

Now we have collected all the assets so we can't get distracted from code. so the next thing is to maintain code, like a 10x developer.

Make Sections Using Comments

Yep, Make Sections of your website in your code using Comments. It's really good then maintaining a lot of divs, it will help you later. It also works a to-do list from Top to bottom, you complete every section. also the same naming in both HTML and CSS will help you to maintain everything very easily.

  • I use this variation of comment for sectioning :
  • HEADER ---------------------------------------------------------

Files Structure

Please Don't use HTML5 Boilerplate, Now it's really bloated with a lot of things you don't really need. You can easily make a structure of your projects easily. Very Customizable.

BTW I am thinking about making a simple HTML, CSS Boilerplate according to modern Structure and Easy Style Guide. naming it, KickStart Boilerplate or Hello-World Boilerplate. If you want to help me with this project, I will be really happy. Just contact me

Just Code with your Own Style

A lot of people say, you have to inspire from lots of websites available online. But I don't agree with this. Inspiration is good, but it really limits your creativity.

If you chose a website for inspiration, you try to make the same thing, just change some color or fonts or left to right. and you say that I made this, no you didn't made this. the designer of the website you chose, made the design and he didn't really took inspiration from any website.

He gets inspired by things other than websites, like Nature. Just follow some branding rules, surf some available websites. don't choose one design to follow.Want to here some design approaches from you, Do you want a new simple boilerplate using a polished design Approach??


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