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You can count on a fantastic excursion including marine life when you book with La Paz Whale Shark Tours.


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In all likelihood, you will never have another opportunity in your life to go scuba diving with a whale shark. If you've ever wanted to snorkel with certain gentle giants, now's your chance because whale sharks can grow to be as long as 40 feet (12 metres)! At the pier, you'll meet your small group and a marine specialist guide before boarding a small boat to the whale shark feeding area, which comprises of plants and small fish. You can count on a fantastic excursion including marine life when you book with La Paz Whale Shark Tours.

After everyone has had their own one-of-a-kind experience with a whale shark, a sumptuous lunch consisting of a range of freshly prepared specialties will be served to them. In addition, there will be an open bar available throughout the day, in addition to complimentary refreshments like chips, sauces, avocados, carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, beverages, and ice. The sails will be raised for a dramatic homecoming trip to the hotel at Marina Palmira, and if the time and weather conditions are favorable, this is where the guests will board our private ground vehicle for the ride back to Cabo from Marina Palmira.

Whale Shark Tours.

There should be no doubt in your mind that you can safely use the ladder to board and exit the boat. All required safety equipment, as well as snorkelling equipment, is included in this sale. Your guide will go in with you and offer you the best vantage locations while you swim.

La Paz Whale Shark Tours offer round-trip transport facilities from the Cabo area to the whale shark site in La Paz. (Although the bulk of our staff is based out of our La Paz office, we also have a Cabo office on the marina.)

With us, you may see whale sharks in their natural environment, where they feed on plankton, a tiny but abundant group of creatures and plants. At this moment, your expert will enter the water with you and demonstrate the best way to get close to and study these incredible creatures up close.

We provide a light breakfast of fruit, cereal, plus pastries before setting sail on our own boating catamaran to head to the whale shark diving region. Your host and snorkel guide, who is often a marine scientist, will provide you a lot of information on the Sea of Cortez and whale sharks after the captain gives an introduction.

As quickly as the first whale shark is spotted, visitors will board one of our following tour boats to get a close look at these massive and impressive fish. Getting into and out of the water is made feasible by boarding ladders. Your snorkel instructor will typically be the first one in the water to ensure that everyone has the help they need.

Everyone interested in swimming with whale sharks throughout their visit will be strongly encouraged to do so. After deplaning, passengers have quick access to showers stocked with hot water, clean towels, shampoo, soap, and other toiletries. Plan your vacation immediately!


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Enjoy your private whale shark tour and swimming with whale sharks with Baja Whale Shark in La Paz, Mexico. We are generally able to provide pick-ups from your hotels & resort. Exciting whale shark interaction, plus great photo opportunities on this whale shark tour.







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