Pavan Butke


Product Engineer

Since I was child (era of early 20's) ,being a cosmopolitan kid ; I always had a dream to-do something with machines called computer. I still remember the The Tycoon Show on HistoryTv18, the Episode of Jobs. Unlikely, I got inspired by the work of #SteveWozniak, not by Steve Jobs. I'm the kind of Steve Wozniak ppl. I prefer learning the Tech first, then leading. This passion carried me through B. Tech in ECE. I was expecting CSE,but damn JEE ranks. Through my learning I was always been wandering Through Computer Science Labs. Off course, I had more friends in CSE rather than mine one. I learnt all three Basic Lang's C, C++,Java as part of curriculum. Then as part-time student I learnt OS ,Data Structures and Algo. Once reached to my final semester, I joined Pepcoding where I have learnt the Data Structures and Algo, in all new way. Once after completing DSA,I jumped into the colorful world of Web Development. I learnt vanilla Javascript, HTML tags, CSS (not into depth ),DOM manipu