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Tom-Chris Emewulu

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PayPal Dispute Automation can save you so much trouble as retailers could lose up to $130bn in chargeback and online fraud.

There’s a reason the world’s mega-rich keeps getting richer, gaining a whopping sum of $23 billion in the week when the global market was taking a nosedive.

There’s a reason billionaire Jeff Bezos has amassed a net worth of $200 billion in 2020, setting the record of the most significant fortune in history. This is the age of e-commerce, and the industry will keep growing! 

Take a look at this Emarsys data: As of August 23, 2020, online retail revenue in North America was up 71%, Europe was up 41%, and APAC skyrocketed by 114%.

And with the spike in e-commerce transactions comes the rise in chargeback and digital payment fraud, making it incredibly vital that you must leverage technology tools such as PayPal Dispute Automation to respond to these emerging threats.

What is PayPal Dispute Automation, and how does it work?

To better understand what a PayPal Dispute Automation is, let us first look at what makes up a PayPal dispute and chargeback.

PayPal offers what they call “Transaction Disputes” as a backup for consumers who seek redress when refund disagreement arises with merchants. It is a formal announcement that there’s a problem.

But sometimes, when such an issue arises, a buyer can choose to escalate it by asking their credit card issuer to reverse the charge instead of (or in addition to) going through the PayPal transaction disputes route. Credit card companies call this a “chargeback” (add a link to the last article here).

A PayPal transaction dispute is between two PayPal users, and PayPal handles it. But a PayPal chargeback involves third parties such as banks, processors, and card schemes. 

PayPal dispute and chargeback can cause significant financial headaches for merchants. One research found that retail customers saw a 49% increase in chargebacks in April. Another survey says that over 80% of cardholders filed a chargeback because they didn’t have time to ask for a refund from the merchant.

PayPal disputes flow
PayPal disputes flow

With that understanding, let’s look at PayPal dispute automation and how it works.

A PayPal Dispute Automation service like Chargeflow is a technology tool that makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize when a dispute on a payment occurs and fight those PayPal disputes and chargebacks as you’d wish.

This can mean sifting through 450,000 disputes per minute. Instead of relying on your power of logic and writing skills when fighting a PayPal dispute, Chargeflow’s PayPal Dispute Automation software pulls from over 50 data points associated with the disputed order to strengthen your dispute.

Another important advantage of using Chargeflow’s PayPal Dispute Automation is we pair the power of technology with human intelligence. Our manual review options and fraud scoring technique make sure a human sees trickier cases. With our super in-depth analysis and real-time statistics, you can easily manage and understand your chargebacks. 

But that’s not all. If PayPal or other parties involved in the dispute needs any more evidence to prove the transaction was legitimate, we test the entire dispute correspondence to find the best approach to help you fight back and win the dispute. And if you don’t win, then it’s entirely free. We don’t earn a dime if the dispute is not in your favor.

Why you need PayPal Dispute Automation Service

As we explained earlier, PayPal dispute resolution is generally customer-centric. If you're wondering whether you need a PayPal Dispute Automation service for your business, here's a quick audit you can do to find out:

  1. You get 10-20 disputes per month - Which could mean that your company's business practices are at a higher risk for chargeback fraud. And it would be best if you were using an automated dispute management system.
  2. You lose too many PayPal disputes - Many merchants have found that even after going the extra mile to resolve a dispute, they still lose. If this is you, then thank your lucky stars! We designed Chargeflow's PayPal Dispute Automation to help you recover more money.
  3. You waste too much time to fight chargebacks - Chargeflow is the world's first fully managed dispute and chargeback automation service, designed specifically for eCommerce merchants. Our service gives you the liberty to enjoy more free time to focus on building your brand, serving your customers, and building better products.
  4. You sell intangible items - According to PayPal's terms of service, you do not provide proof of delivery for an item in every instance. They will favor the buyer. Many buyers use this knowledge to get the best of merchants on items delivered virtually. But with Chargeflow's PayPal Dispute Automation, you don't have to worry about a thing. We will have your back at all times!

What more you can do with Chargeflow’s PayPal dispute automation

  • ChargeSync® - Automatically sync tracking and logistics information from your e-commerce platform to your PayPal account, free of charge. With ChargeSync, you can boast of faster PayPal funds release, fewer account reviews, and significantly fewer PayPal reserves. When you learn more about ChargeSync and start using it, you will see how you can easily bypass all the manual labor in harnessing and making sense of data from your e-commerce store. We help you put your time and resources to the right purposes in growing your business.
  • ChargeScore® - Gain deeper insights and forecast your business cash flow by having projections into how much money you are expected to recover from ongoing disputes. After analyzing millions of disputes and using our proprietary Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence algorithms, ChargeScore® predicts with high accuracy the likelihood of recovering every one of your disputes.
  • Get Email Notifications - When there is a PayPal dispute or chargeback, Chargeflow sends you an email notification highlighting the transaction ID under dispute, the invoice number of the transaction, and a link to that invoice. With that, you have ample information to strategize your moves. You could recover $35,022 more and save 150 hours each month with Chargeflow.

Don’t sweat on your PayPal dispute; automate it today.

PayPal chargeback and dispute mitigation can be messy sometimes. Instead of going the redundant route of recruiting extra staff to respond to transactions under dispute, why not sign up to Chargeflow’s PayPal dispute automation package, and let your team focus on other assignments that yield a return on investment? Sign up to Chargeflow today with our 2-click integration, or speak to one of our experts about your needs.

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