Is PCR testing before airline travel necessary?

Traveling and unsure whether a PCR test before the flight is necessary or not? Find out that in this blog post.



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Is PCR testing before airline travel necessary? 

Well …. It’s complicated (sort of) 

On a trip to Hawaii? Going to visit someone overseas? Or maybe, it is just a simple business trip?  

Either way, you would like to avoid any problems at the airport. This is why you need to know if a PCR test is necessary. Well, we can help you find more than an answer to the question above.  

Yes, or no? 

Yes, most countries in the world require travelers - particularly non-residents and tourists - to submit a negative PCR test report from a specific or approved laboratory (within a time bracket).  

However, the need for covid testing depends on where you are and where you are traveling to. For example, if you are traveling domestically, most of the time, you may not require a PCR test report. Moreover, you should better check if you have been vaccinated by vaccines approved by your destination. And if you want a more specific answer for a particular country or location, it is best to search for their rules and regulations online.  

What type of Covid Test is the best choice? 

The most common and reliable test of them is the Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Test, also called RT-PCR. While other tests are always available, they are not recommended due to the chance of a false negative or positive result.  

Right now, the primary method is the nasopharyngeal swab, which is a “swab” through the back of the throat and nose. However, it is true that some tests are being developed which can be administered by testing saliva samples.  

Where can you get tested? 

Easy! Go to Google Maps and search for the nearest and approved laboratory taking PCR tests. However, getting tested in a laboratory is not necessary, you can also get tested in a hospital, clinic or even at the airport.  

How long till you get your result? 

If you are planning to fly somewhere, consider the fact that most international and domestic destinations allow a 72-hour window from the time of testing to the time of arrival.

This means that the processing time varies and entirely depends on the testing method where you took the test. While the RT-PCR test is notoriously fast and able to provide results within 30 to 40 minutes, most of the time, it can take a day or two for results to be available and delivered. Conclusively, the time it takes to complete a COVID test should vary on an average between a few days and a week.  

Will you need to be tested if you have been vaccinated?  

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has made it quite clear that unvaccinated individuals may have to face strict restrictions on their activity. To sum it up, vaccination certificates have become an absolute necessity if you want to travel.  

And to answer the question, yes, you might still need to be tested, especially if you are traveling as a foreigner.  

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