Do People Still Read Blogs?

Yes, people are still reading blogs, and the numbers are increasing every day. There are more than 600 million blogs that are active as of 2021.


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Out of all the internet users, 77% read blogs regularly. More than 80% of travelers plan their travel with the help of travel blogs.

Not just personal blogs, but business blogs are getting their fair share of traction too. Businesses with blogs on their websites get double email traffic than those who don’t have blogs.

So, the conclusion you can draw is: Yes, People Still Read Blogs.

However, the type of blogs that people read nowadays is quite different from what it used to be. This brings us to the first addition from our previous question:

Do People Still Read Blogs? If Yes, Why is That?

The blog lifestyle started back in 1993–94 as a way to write online journals. People who began blogging used to talk about their day-to-day experiences and stories.

It took a hard shift in the early 2000s when Google updated its algorithm to make way for fresh and unique content. Suddenly, everyone was blogging! And it was not just the individuals who were doing it. Businesses, start-ups, corporate, service agencies, product companies — everyone jumped into the wagon of blogging.

Since 2015, blogging has increased by 15%, which points blogging and readership to an understated fact: Blogs provide solutions to the people looking for them on the Internet.

People use the Internet mainly to find a solution to their problems. The problem could be just about anything:

How to make a short film?

What to pack for a five-day trip to Hawaii?

What’s the best app for tracking my calorie intake?

There are hundreds of blogs answering similar questions.

How did it happen?

It’s actually pretty simple. Blogging opened an uncharted world of content opportunities. Since Google started backing unique and quality content over static web pages, blogs came into fashion. With the help of a blog, you could generate an unlimited amount of content and get them ranked on Google.

Bloggers started targeting the problems people would search for on the Internet. For every possible situation, more than 50 blog posts are giving out solutions. People on the Internet were thrilled with the availability of free-of-cost solutions. This is why people started reading blogs and the idea of blogging boomed!

This brings us to the second addition from our core question:

Do People Still Read Blogs? If Yes, Then What Kind of Blogs Do They Prefer To Read?

With more than 600 million active blogs on the Internet, people do love to read blogs. Now, what are the different types of blogs that are more famous than the rest of them?

People love to read “How-To” blogs. In fact, 77% of bloggers publish these kinds of blog posts.

What are “How-To” blogs?

Any blog that starts with “How To” in its title and is an informative guide to achieving a specific goal. These kinds of blogs are highly educative and easy to comprehend. They usually provide a step-by-step way to do a specific thing.

People love to read such blogs because they offer an immediate solution to their problems. More than 19% of all blogs have “How To” in their titles.

Some great examples of “How-To” blogs are:

How to Create a YouTube Channel?

How to Become a Fashion Model?

How To Make An App in 2020?

As you can see, these blog posts are straight-to-the-point and answer one specific question each. These are the kind of blogs that people love to read these days.

This brings us to the last segment of our quest:

Do People Still Read Blogs? If Yes, Then Are Bloggers Earning Money?

Blogging has now become a full-time profession for many people. Travelers who blog are called travel bloggers. Foodies who blog are called food bloggers.

Similarly, there are sports bloggers, entertainment bloggers, car bloggers, DIY bloggers, political bloggers, online marketing bloggers, and many more.

Bloggers who provide quality content to visitors are earning quite well too. Tech blogging website, Engadget, generates around $45 million in revenue. generates $30 million per year. The famous web-design blogging website Tuts+ earns around $180,000 per month by ad revenues.

A blog can have a steady flow of income through targeted ads, affiliate links, and subscriptions. To generate some cash flow, a blog needs to impart some value in a reader’s life. If you have a blog that’s spewing out quality content, then you will have traffic. With an inflow of traffic, you’ll have a steady source of income.

So, do people still read blogs?Yes, more than ever! And, are bloggers earning money?Yes, indeed.


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