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"Perfect is the enemy of good." Voltaire

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Emre Pirci

3 months ago | 4 min read


Maybe this is the first time you've heard the phrase;

"Perfect is the enemy of the good."

This is an aphorism which in the English-speaking world is commonly attributed to Voltaire, who quoted an Italian proverb in his Dictionnaire philosophique in 1770: "Le meglio è l'inimico del bene"

So do we really understand what is about? Sometimes our dreams, targets or goals may exceed our abilities, knowledge or experience. In such cases, it is very normal to be pessimistic right away. Because incomplete information will make you feel helpless and the result will often be to give up or walk away.

Keep going!

It can actually be hard to see when there are dozens of options at this point. Because you can be sure, I know how it feels to work on software. Systematically, almost every day, that what you learn is insufficient to create what you want, that you have trouble remembering what you learned yesterday, and that you are discouraged to go further. First of all, calm down, there are a few very important items you need to remember, make sure you understand them thoroughly.

1. Do not hurry.

2. Make sure you apply what you learn.

3. Find someone you can contact.

Now I will tell you something about the 3 items I mentioned above. Remember, not applying what you know is worse than not learning at all. Knowledge is power and it is also a burden. But if you can grasp some principles in time, you will be very comfortable for the future.

Do not hurry.

Do not hurry!

Haste makes waste. Yes very simple but true and real.

How different is the thing called 'human', isn't it? The way we perceive the world, what we feel according to our perceptions, our reactions according to what we feel, and the taste we get from life as a result of our reactions, the moments we experience... Would you believe me if I told you that it all depends on one thing, the hormones secreted by our body?

Life is the splicing and unification of all the moments called experience... Therefore, the ability to understand and direct the internal mechanisms of the human body means having the power to change his whole life.

Cortisol is the stress hormone. And if there is stress in the job, there are a lot of things to our detriment. Since this hormone produces glucose to provide energy, it kind of hits your immune system, and in this process, you normally become more vulnerable to external diseases.

Also, you cannot think clearly, and our brain resists learning new information. The only way to get over it is to practice a lot, only to practice as much as you know, or to quickly repeat the course you've taken before. This will give you confidence and over time you will see your stress decrease. The key word here is of course time. Do not run, there is no danger that requires you to run.

Make sure you apply what you learn.

Practice makes perfect.

To be sure about this, continue from the source, education, document you started. In half an hour, you will not realize that the information is insufficient. In fact, there is real information, supporting this, and the scope of the books with information teaches 80% of the subject.

Yes there is a 20% gap, but remember, you're just getting started. There will also be dozens of different information on the way that will attract your attention. You just have to continue a little longer.

I liken this situation to a car trip. When driving from The Netherlands to Italy, you also drive through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. You can see dozens of different cities, historical monuments and forests on the way. If you stop and study, you will have more experience. but if you stay too long, you may never reach Italy this time. Don't be deceived by your goal, but don't be in a hurry to go either. find the proper balance for yourself.

When you go through the same source, you don't work on the same subjects by falling into the loop over and over and you will learn a content that people have put together by working on a systematic basis. For this reason, do not change the source every day, be patient and continue on the way you started. Of course, do research and take notes on different topics that interest you, but don't forget what you set out for.

Find someone you can contact.

We are strong together.

Yes, this is one of the simplest issues that everyone fears the most, but perhaps the simplest. joining a community. Every day, dozens, hundreds of new people work to learn software from different languages, experiences, continents or time zones.

At this point, there is a very important issue to remember, there is another life-saving option, getting help.

Just sign up for a forum, create a profile, and create your first post. Ask a question, help someone else, ask for support. Rest assured, you are not alone. There are tens of thousands of people in the same situation as you, just send a message, ask a question and wait.

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