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Compact excavators have become the jolly on the construction site because they are able to combine power and versatility, especially during landscaping work. Portable wheel wash system

However, what makes a compact excavator truly multi-purpose is the wide range of attachments it can be equipped with, perfect for many different tasks.

Here are some perfect tasks for your compact excavator.


With a compact excavator you can compact the soil quickly, using the rollers (tamping rollers, vibrating rollers and pneumatic rollers), or by equipping it with a plate compactor for soil compression or with a packer wheel attachment for soil compact.

Crushing concrete

Crushing materials is one of the main processes in demolition and grinders, pneumatic hammers and pulverizers used for breaking pieces of concrete or concrete, both small and large, are equipment that perfectly adapt to the mini excavator. Automatic wheel washing system

Construction and maintenance of retaining walls

Another perfect task for compact excavators is the laying of floors, stones, logs and other heavy materials used during the construction of the retaining walls. Specific accessory equipment allows the excavator to crush rocks and collect rubble and to maneuver logs and larger materials. In the case of wall maintenance, the right equipment on the compact excavator is perfect for deconstructing the wall to the point of repair.


The small dimensions of a compact excavator find their raison d’être when mowing large areas of grass or areas where the undergrowth needs to be eradicated, especially on slopes (as happens along streams).

Grafting new trees

When new trees need to be planted, the compact excavator can be useful for the precision with which it can dig (small holes) and the speed with which it manages to move the logs. Best wheel washing machine

Development of trails and paths

The development of cycle paths, pedestrian paths and roads that cross a property are all examples of perfect tasks for the compact excavator. In fact, you can trace the route with precision, even along terrain with more or less evident slopes.


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