Photography : As a Career Option.

Photography amongst other vocational professions is far more unlocked to opportunities as I can be proved wrong to say “everyone needs a photographer”.


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Photography amongst other vocational professions is far more unlocked to opportunities as I can be proved wrong to say “everyone needs a photographer”. Photography can be likened to a tree with different branches but bringing forth just a kind of fruit. 

“One, Two, Three, Smile.  Say cheese “ are popular phrases used by a photographer whether a beginner or a pro.  Photography is sighting all the world in Art, it is about keeping memories alive, it has brought more opportunities to enthusiasts Who wants to make a living out of their passion for it, not only people who have passion but also those who love the work of Art. There are lots of photographers who offer services in wedding, Birth, funeral services, babies, portrait, wildlife/ nature, using their skills and talents as a source of livelihood. 

My love for the work of art brought me to embracing photography, I love that feeling of handling a camera and capturing the beautiful smile of people, their laughter, unique moments of people.  Most photographers started photography as a hobby, they either enroll on workshops or online study as the case may be, after much exposure and knowledge, most use the knowledge to earn for a living.

‘Everybody needs a Professional photographer’, although, we could take a  photograph with Sophisticated phones, there is a great difference between shots taken with a camera and the phone, also noting that you cannot really record special moments as great as an expert would, these and many more are the reasons most people invest in hiring a good and sound photographer especially for special events as weddings, as such more photograph enthusiast are honing their skills to cater for the needs of the public in search of a good photographer. 

Anybody would pay handsomely for recording a memorable day of their life and will be willing to pay more, couples who would like to have a record of the most important day of their lives would never hesitate on hiring a professional photographer on their wedding day, this only means that everyone needs a professional photographer at a particular point of their life. 

Sources of income for photographers; there are branches of photography from which you can venture into fully if you’re aspiring to become a photographer, such as;


You can become an event photographer, simply covering events such as weddings, birthdays, funerals, dinners. Event photography is one of the main sources of income for many photographers, photographers make a fortune from events as people; example couples pay a huge amount to get the best. It commands a decent price for the services, it’s quite exhausting, stressful, and needs professional cautions on different angles of shots. 


Photographers also make money from other businesses by taking pictures of what other people buy or sell, for example, a burger and pizza selling restaurant needs to take pictures of their snacks and other foods available on the menu for sale or new arrivals, Photographers makes a fortune from such because quality graphics are an added advantage to the business patronage as it attracts customers. 

As a photographer, you can sell your works on the internet, as Artist sell their Artworks online, so also photographers can sell their portraits. Photographers Who travel often falls into this category as companies would be willing to purchase some of your portrait of Places, wildlife, nature and so on. 

Photographers can earn a living by conducting workshops online, selling Videos Of photography lessons. 

Photography is a good source of income and livelihood, many had gained from it, many are gaining and many would gain from it. It could be your only means of income and also your side business if you cannot dedicate all your time to it, however, there are advantages and Disadvantages. 

Photography is life, capturing beautiful scenes of our everyday life.  I can tell you photography put smiles on faces.

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