What do physicians expect from surgical scheduling software?

What functionality is crucial for surgical management solutions? What do physicians expect from this software? What features can greatly reduce the demands placed on employees while increasing profits? Let’s review.


Kita Prunchak

a year ago | 1 min read

In private medical practices, phone conversations, faxes, and emails are still the major forms of contact. This does not imply, however, that they are practical or efficient. Quite the contrary. All institutions that continue to use these communication channels are all too acquainted with lost records, canceled or delayed surgeries, ongoing staff training, wasted hours, and stressed-out personnel.

The amount of potential earnings facilities lose each year by continuing to communicate through fax, email, and phone calls is astounding when you realize that the scheduling process is where a facility's income stream begins.

Fortunately, healthcare innovators have taken it upon themselves to develop surgical scheduling software to simplify operation scheduling.

There are several important factors you need to consider before choosing a system to use in your facility. What essential features must surgical management solutions have? What do physicians expect this software to accomplish? What characteristics might significantly reduce the demands placed on employees while boosting profits? Let's dive in.

What functionality should surgical scheduling software have?

Only a practicing physician can truly understand what other physicians and facilities require from surgical scheduling software. Insights in this article were collected from practicing physicians and surgeons who have experienced all of the issues mentioned above and were able to resolve them by adopting a surgery scheduling solution in their facility.

1. Fast and convenient surgery scheduling
2. Integrated communication functionality
3. Calendar
4. Notifications
5. Prior authorization and benefits verification What else is crucial for surgical scheduling software?

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