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Are you planning to take your API-570 Piping Inspector certification exam? Passcert introduced Piping Inspector API-570 Exam Dumps that could assist you in boosting up your API-570 exam score. We offer you the top Piping Inspector API-570 Exam Dumps further to acquire the most beneficial help for the Piping Inspector actual exam. Our Piping Inspector API-570 Exam Dumps are very supportive to boost your career and help to upgrade your knowledge. These Piping Inspector API-570 Exam Dumps will develop your deep understanding of the API-570 exam and you will be ready to perform well in the final exam. It will help you to prepare and pass the Piping Inspector API-570 exam with brilliant results. 

API 570 - Piping Inspector

Certified API 570 Piping inspectors must have a broad knowledge base relating to maintenance, inspection, alteration and repair of in-service metallic piping systems. The API 570 examination is designed to determine if applicants have such knowledge. API 570 certification is valid for a three-year term and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This accreditation ensures that the exam has been developed to the highest standard for openness and integrity and meets the rigorous requirements established under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024. 

Exam Structure

Exam Name: Piping Inspector Code: API 570Number of Questions:170 questions ( only 140 are scored. The remaining 30 are pretest questions.)Duration: 7.5 hoursExam Language: English Exam Format: Multiple ChoicePass Score: 70% and above

Exam Structure

1. Organization and Certification Requirements 2. Types and Definitions of Maintenance Inspections3. Welding on Piping 4. Corrosion and Minimum Thickness Evaluation5. Estimated Remaining Life6. Inspection Interval Determination and Issues Affecting Intervals7. Maintenance Inspection Safety Practices 8. Inspection Records and Reports9. Repairs/Alterations/Reratings to Piping10. Rerating Piping11. Pressure Testing After Repairs, Alterations, or Rerating 12. Pressure Temperature Ratings 13. Markings 14. Materials 15. Dimensions 16. Test 17. Limiting Dimensions of Gaskets 18. Methods for Establishing Pressure-Temperature Ratings 19. Methods of performing positive material identification and related record keeping

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1. A piping inspector employed by the owner operator shall haveA. an API 653 certificationB. an AWS certificationC. an API 510 certificationD. not less than 10 years experience dealing with pipingAnswer: D2. Actively engaged as an authorized piping inspector shall be defined as a minimum of time spent performing inspection activities.A. 20%B. 30%C. 40%D. 50%Answer: A3. An API authorized piping inspector certificate is valid for years from its date of issuanceA. 3B. 4C. 5D. unlimitedAnswer: A4. API 570 covers the inspection of__________.A. new constructionB. new tank constructionC. In-service pipingD. In-service vesselsAnswer: C5. All proposed methods of design, execution, materials, welding procedures, examination and testing must be approved by the.A. inspector or piping engineerB. inspector onlyC. plant managerD. new construction contractsAnswer: A


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