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We have written an article about the best places to visit in Dubai if you are planning a trip to Dubai or you do not know anything about the Emirate. If the answers to these questions were in affirmation, then you need to read it. Today, we know that the best trips are those that are spontaneous, in which the tourist does not behave like a tourist and explores the city as they travel along the land, learning about the culture as they go along. You should, however, have some idea about your destination before you embark on such a trip so you don't get confused and end up sleeping in your hotel room out of desperation.


In the same vein, we recommend choosing your airline carefully before actually booking your travel and accommodation. Check out this comprehensive article to get a rough idea of where to visit in Dubai. You may be able to get better deals, lower prices on your vacation packages, and complimentary gifts by flying with the right airline.

Garden of Miracles in Dubai

In this beautiful garden, even the locals get tingles in their hearts when they visit it, so you know it's like something from a story. The complex is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so it's best to just breathe before you enter, because you're going to lose them!

There are more than one hundred million flowers here, and there are five million species to choose from. This is now the world's largest flower garden. You should visit this place at least once in your lifetime if you're a nature lover. Relax and smell the scent of the garden.

Dubai's Traditional Town, Bastakiya

Located in the Al Faridi Historic district or Al Bastakia, Bastakiya in Dubai is one of the Best Places to visit in Dubai if you are overwhelmed by all the tall buildings. There's a hint of Arabian culture in the town, close to Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Creek.

In contrast to the city's otherwise structural silhouette, its old houses, brown wooden doors, and carved wind towers are a soothing balm.

Batakiya is a popular destination for airlines, and many of them include flights here in their packages. If you book a flight with Frontier Airlines, you will be provided with a trip as soon as possible here.

World's most visited gold market

At a very close proximity to Dubai Creek is the largest gold market in the world, Deira Souk. The old architectural style and wooden carvings on archways indicate that the market can be ancient. This Souk approximates the 1830s, giving you a sense of those times. You must check out the gold displayed on the shop ledges while visiting this Souk. It will only make you sad that you cannot accept all of the gold here if you wish to buy it. 

Furthermore, other items can also be taken home, including spices, incense, saffron, rose water, and even frankincense, in addition to a kilogram full of gold.

There are subsidiaries of almost every other airline in Deira Souk, which is the world's largest gold market. Therefore, if you choose the right airline, you might be able to get offers like free parking, free rental services, or even discounts. If you make a JetBlue booking to this city, you will know what discounts you can get.

Dubai Aquarium is the world's largest underwater aquarium

While the Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world and genuinely one of the Best Places to Visit in Dubai, you may not be aware that it also contains the largest aquarium in the world. 

It is believed that the Dubai Mall has the largest collection of marine life species in the world, with more than 140 types of marine life species on display. You can visit the mall to see what kind of marine life the museum offers. From cage snorkeling and shark diving for the young to glass-bottom boat tours for the more solemn and family-friendly, the aquarium has something to offer everyone.

Dubai Nightlife: Global Village

Whether you are with friends or family, Dubai's Global Village is the perfect place. At night, the market comes to life with colorful and decorative bulbs. It has several pavilions that showcase different cultures, and you can buy antiquities and traditional Egyptian dresses at the Egypt pavilion. There are many exotic carpets in the Iranian, Indian, and Pakistani pavilions, while the African pavilion is known for its hand-carved artifacts.

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