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Frank Racioppi

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 New true-crime podcast releases five episodes to binge

The Conviction of Max B a Spotify/Gimlet podcast has premiered with a binge release of all five episodes out now on Spotify. This is the fourth season of Gimlet’s Conviction series, which features a new piece of investigative reporting each season.

This season on Conviction, Max B is a Harlem rapper on the brink of stardom. One night, he gets wind of a bag full of cash that’s sitting in an empty hotel room, and he starts scheming. It would be an easy score – in and out, no one gets hurt. But it doesn’t go down like that. It all ends in chaos, kidnapping and a dead body. This is the story of a rapper who risked it all for a bag full of money, a robbery where everything went wrong, a messy trial, and a sentence that makes you question who the justice system works for, and who it works against.

Throughout the five episodes, accomplished journalist, TV host and award-winning podcast host Brandon ’Jinx’ Jenkins walks listeners through the mayhem that left a man dead on the night of the crime to the headline grabbing trial where Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison, in hopes of finding out why someone with so much talent and potential would risk it all for a bag of cash. 


●      Episode 1: Who’s 40 Grand Not Tempting To? -- Max B is a famous rapper in Harlem. Until one night changes his life. ●      Episode 2: Bring the Money -- Max cooked up an easy score — in and out, no one gets hurt. But it doesn’t go down that way. ●      Episode 3: Never Wanna Go Back -- The cops come after Max B, and the clock is ticking. ●      Episode 4: Hell Hath No Fury -- Max B goes to trial with his lawyer, Gerry Saluti, by his side. And inside the courtroom, things are about to get dark. ●      Episode 5: 75 in the Can -- Max B’s new legal team tries to get him out of his 75-year sentence, using a tactic that rarely works. But it's the best chance Max will get unless he wants to die in prison.

On Air Fest in Brooklyn honor CNN's Audie Cornish

On Air Fest has announced that  CNN Anchor Audie Cornish as this year's recipient of the Audio Vanguard Award. Since 2020, the annual honor has celebrated one icon whose contributions to the storytelling medium have not only inspired a creative legacy, but further advanced the culture of audio. While previous awardees include This American Life's Ira Glass, Fresh Air's Terry Gross and Radiolab's Jad Abumrad, the 2023 edition of the Audio Vanguard Award will recognize Audie Cornish through a career-spanning interview conducted by Kara Swisher, host of On with Kara Swisher & Pivot podcasts, and Editor-At-Large at New York Magazine

Taking place Saturday, February 25th– as part of the culmination to On Air Fest's three days of expansive programming at Brooklyn's Wythe Hotel – the Main Stage presentation will highlight more than two decades of trailblazing, Peabody Award-winning journalism that Audie Cornish has delivered, in front of a public audience of fans, fellow storytellers, festival attendees and industry members. 

As longtime co-host of NPR's All Things Considered and host of Weekend Edition Sunday, and in her current role as CNN anchor, correspondent, and host of the CNN Audio podcast The Assignment, Cornish's singular voice has attracted creators and listeners to the audio medium in a way that has elevated the art form and left an indelible impact. 

Inspirational podcast names new host

Since 2013, The Action Catalyst podcast has helped thousands of listeners, leaders and innovators uncover their inspiration. The Action Catalyst podcast has delivered hundreds of episodes that listeners can use to overcome setbacks, defeat mediocrity, and reach their goals in life, all packaged in a brisk format, perfect for the on-the-go listening demanded of today’s hectic schedules.  It’s no wonder the program has been named to numerous top podcast lists from the likes of Inc, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider

The Action Catalyst podcast has announced that Adam Outland will be its new permanent host.Outland is an executive coach, as well as a youth coach, focused on developing the next generation as a supporter of the Kindness for Kids Foundation, and he joins the podcast from his own podcast, Inside Great Minds.

His first cache of episodes is out now, with guests including television broadcast legend Joan Lunden, championship athletic director Joan Cronan, and national syndicated radio host Ken Coleman, out now everywhere podcasts are found.Outland has several intriguing interviews coming soon, with the likes of Chip Gaines, author Dean Koontz, and NFL player Shawn Harper.

The Action Catalyst podcast is produced by Southwestern Family of Companies, one of the largest and oldest privately held companies in Tennessee.

Each episode is a deep dive into the mind of some of the nation’s top thought leaders and experts, who share meaningful tips and practical, actionable advice to help you smash through complacency, hit the next level, and achieve more in your business, sales, or personal relationships.

Episode 407 – Guest Joan Lunden

Episode 410 – Ken Coleman

Episode 411 – Guest Joan Cronan



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