Is It Possible To Build Consumer Insights Around Product Sampling?

This article will discuss how to create consumer insights around product sampling & eCommerce data.


Alon Ghelber

3 years ago | 3 min read

Consumer insights play an important role in the development of brands. They tell a lot about what consumers expect from a product and what all things you can implement to improve your products, services, or business. Your business can also benefit from consumer insights if you plan to launch a new product or service.

In the case of a new product/service launch, companies usually do product sampling to attract consumers to try their newly launched products or services. As a result, consumer insights around product sampling can give you an idea of how your product will perform in the market or improve your product by incorporating consumers’ feedback.

With this in mind, this article will discuss consumer insights around product sampling and how consumer insights help better prepare a new product launch. But before that, let us first know more about consumer insights.

What are Consumer Insights?

Consumer insights or customer insights are processes of interpreting and analyzing consumer behavior trends, consumer needs, opinions, and feedback on a product/service/brand using consumer insights platforms or consumer insights tools and software.

Why are consumer insights helpful? A brand needs to engage with its consumers or targeted audience and cater to their needs. A brand that fails to meet the expectations of its customers doesn’t sell much. Therefore, brands or businesses must personalize and engage with their consumers on a deeper level to understand their needs and expectations. It is where consumer insights come into the picture.

With consumer insights, businesses can know what their consumers think of their products/services. Moreover, they can use the feedback given by their consumers to better their products. In this way, your business will be able to establish a trustable bond with its consumers, which will eventually lead to your success.

Still, confused? Let us take an example to understand consumer insights. Suppose you frequently order food using online food ordering apps such as Deliveroo or Food hub. You might have noticed getting food recommendations as per your taste and preference on these apps. Why is this the case? Deliveroo, Foodhub, or any other food ordering app, for that matter, uses algorithms to interpret or analyze consumer behavior to recommend the right food to them.

As we have seen, consumer insights are a great marketing strategy used by brands. What if consumer insights are combined with another great marketing strategy of product sampling?

What Is Product Sampling?

Product sampling is a great marketing strategy used by brands to create awareness about their brand, motivate people to buy their brand or increase sales, and gain consumers' trust. In the process of product sampling, businesses or companies either distribute free samples of their newly launched products or allow customers to try a sample of their product.

For example, suppose you have launched a new lipstick range in the market. However, it’s quite difficult for people to become aware of your brand, given the fact that there are already many popular makeup brands in the market. In such a case, you can offer free samples of your lipstick shades to consumers to create awareness about your brand and attract consumers to buy your products.

Why is product sampling important?

Besides helping you gain more customers and increase sales, product sampling has many other advantages for eCommerce businesses. Product sampling helps you get genuine feedback from customers in exchange for your product samples. It eventually leads to good ratings and reviews and other user-generated content crucial for any eCommerce business.

Are you planning to launch a new product or try product sampling? If yes, consumer insights can help you better understand and prepare a new product launch. You can analyze your consumers' feedback and opinions on your product samples to understand how your product will perform in the market and how you can improve your product before launching it. As a result, your new product will be as per the consumers' needs, and therefore, there are more chances of its success.


Consumer engagement is the key to success for any brand. Your brand fails if it fails to engage with its consumers. On the other hand, no one can stop your brand from becoming popular if it meets its customers' expectations.

How to ensure a healthy brand engagement?

You can engage with your consumers with the help of consumer insights. Consumer insights are a way of understanding the needs of your customers by analyzing their consumer behavior. From the strengths to weaknesses of your product, consumer insights can help you know what your product’s consumers think about it. Consumer insights are also effective in case of a new product launch. Gaining consumer insights on product sampling can improve your product and create awareness about it before its actual launch.

What’s better than this? Many smart marketers use consumers' insights around product sampling for the success of their new products. You should consider being one of them!


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