The power of journaling on the example of ancient China

Could journaling be a game changer in ancient civilization progress?


K. E. Adamus

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I decided to devote my newsletter to the topic of journaling. Why? I checked the power of journaling in my personal life. In my opinion it is a game changer. And not just on a personal level! Would you like to know how it impacted the whole country (in my opinion)?

I found some information about old chinese journaling and how potentially it could be a game changer in the past, and one of the factors that made China a very powerful country. You can treat this article as a very speculative one.

Ancient journals

Nowadays, if you see someone walking and mumbling under his nose and scribbling something on a piece of paper, you would rather cross the street.

But in ancient China, such behaviour was popular among scholars and government officials and it served to record their observations and reflections on politics, culture, and daily life.

These journals were typically written on bamboo slips or silk and were used to document not only thoughts and observations, but also to record significant events that took place in the country. The journals were also used to provide guidance and instruction to future generations.

Who was journaling that time?

Among many notable men in history, one who was a fan of journalling in such form was Confucius, considered one of the most famous Chinese philosophers. His journals were passed down through generations to transmit knowledge and wisdom. And guess what? His notes are still read today!

What could happen if these journals written by scholars and officials never existed? Is it likely that it was thanks to journaling, that China accumulated collective wisdom and on these basis built its empire?

The power of ‘generations’ journals’

How journals could help in generating the country power?

First of all it was a source of historical records. And as we know, the history is a very demanding teacher.

Secondly, it made China’s culture more coherent and binding through generations. The past was not left in the shadows. The following generations could read the stories of their ancestors, remember about important customs, symbols and so on.

Thridly, it was an important wisdom and knowledge transmition channel. Compare it to the university library. Thanks to journals the following generations could build on their ancestors discoveries, could continue their work, instead of inventing wheel again. There was lots of journals which provided scientifical and technology knowledge from that times.

And lastly, treat is as a multiple self-development books available at that time. What a shortcut for future generations!

Of course, this could be only one of the factors leading to advancement and development in ancient China. I think this could be my personal opinion, not sure what present scholars are saying about it.

But -if — the multiplied journaling helped the whole country, how could it also help you?

Stay tuned for the next articles from journling veteran and maniac (myself).


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