Preparing for life after COVID-19

#1 Your health will be another asset in your life


Nick Chai

3 years ago | 4 min read

The pandemic has really hit us unexpectedly hard. The fast-spreading virus has infiltrated into our systems like it’s nothing.

However, there are some pros and cons when it comes to this pandemic. And it’s up to you to how you view it.


  • Our polluted air has become clear since lockdowns are imposed worldwide. When we go back outside, fresh air awaits.
  • Global warming has certainly dropped due to lower carbon monoxide emissions in our everyday activities. Human activities are by far the biggest pollution in nature.
  • Animals are taking their own sweet break-time from human intervention. Mother nature is restoring its ecosystem rapidly.

And of course, there are cons that came from this pandemic as well.


  • Economies are taking a hit and it’ll take some time to recover from the loss. This holds true, especially for the travel industry. Many aviation companies are putting themselves on hold due to the travel ban.
  • People are losing jobs due to many company losses across industries. Things may not be the same anymore even after the pandemic.
  • Poor countries will have a hard time surviving in this pandemic. The lack of medical attention and infrastructure will affect the majority of the population.

The pandemic has taught us all one thing — we don't have the total control of our surroundings as well as our economy.

We won’t ever know when or how the next viral pandemic will affect us in some shape or form. The best we can do is prepare ourselves if it really comes.

Another thing you should know before we dive deeper

Things may go back to normal once the vaccine is completed. But the virus will be like another common cold flu.

Don’t take my words as it is. Do your own research about this. This is my opinion after some readings.

If everything goes back to normal, that’s when we become vulnerable to potential threats again. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself.

The vaccine works like this

A vaccine is a weakened form of the COVID-19 virus. And it’ll be injected into your body to prompt an immune response.

The body’s immune system will store the genetic information of the virus for future use. If the infiltration of the virus does occur, your immune system will be able to recognize the virus.

And it’ll do its job to eliminate the virus from your body. A vaccine is NOT a cure. It’s like installing an antivirus on your computer.

A vaccine only reduces the risk of viral infection against a disease. You can still get infected. But that depends on how strong your body’s immune system is.

Lessons to be learned from this pandemic

I don’t know what’s the current status of the pandemic at your place. And I hope you're doing well wherever you are.

No doubt there are some key takeaways from this. You have to realize that some things will change for good.

That’s the new norm. After months of lockdown across the globe, things were starting to change bits by bits.

And those bits might forever be the way of things from this moment onwards. Here are some takeaways worth keeping in mind.

#1 Your health will be another asset in your life

There’s only one way to keep your body away from diseases — your immune system. Your immune system will help you keep a healthy body.

Taking care of your body physically and mentally is probably the only advice you need for your health and well-being.

Take time to care for your body. You may not give up on your body but your body will give up on you if you don't take proper care of it.

Take a walk in the park, do some exercise that makes you sweat, do things that’ll light up your mood, etc.

One thing this pandemic teaches us is that although our body is strong, it can be vulnerable to “invisible” threats.

Let your health be one of your priorities in life. It could be one of your greatest investments.

#2 Be prepared for a financial crisis

As you can see in the news, companies are shutting down due to losses. This results in mass layoffs across industries.

The United Nation just reported that approximately 195 million jobs are wiped out globally. That’s how hard our “invisible” enemy hit us in our face.

The lesson for us — never rely on a single stream of income and always have an emergency fund prepared at all times.

It has come to realization that a single income stream is not sustainable. What happens if you lose it? Are you able to survive?

Set 10% of your monthly income aside for emergency purposes. Work on a side hustle or invest in something that could potentially bring in a side income.

This is just basic financial planning. But this pandemic has raised awareness on the importance of an emergency fund in times of crisis.

That accumulation of 10% every month might save your life when the time comes.

#3 Your actions affect the greater good

Sometimes, it’s not all about you. There are people out there that might not be as healthy as you.

Social distancing and quarantine were globally implemented to tackle the viral infection of the disease. And you’re responsible for the greater good.

You may think that no one will notice your actions so you think it’s insignificant. Well, better think twice now.

People have different struggles and problems. I admit that. You have your own too. And people can be selfish sometimes.

But a little bit of consideration can go a long way in this crisis. It’s time to think for others apart from yourself.

Because certain things will take a mass effort to take finally take effect such as breaking the chain of infection.

So wear a mask, practice social distancing, and take preventive measures to protect yourself as well as others. We’re all in this together.


Life after COIVD-19 may or may not be different. But there are some aspects which we were taking lightly have been highlighted of its importance in this pandemic.

How are you preparing for life after the pandemic?


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