How to Prevent Birds From Eating Young Plants

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wasif khan

a year ago | 2 min read

Birds tend to love eating up all your begonia young plants so any gardener needs to learn how to prevent birds from eating young plants right out of their gardens. Birds seem to never give up the opportunity to swipe up those tasty baby plants and you can't seem to keep up with them meaning you loose crops so the only way to get rid of the birds is to learn how to do it properly. We are not going to teach you methods on harming birds. Everything you will read will be safe ways to stop birds from stealing your young plants from your garden.

Option One

This option may be a bit more complicated then most, but it seems to work really well. Placing bird netting above your entire garden can be one of the best options on preventing birds from stealing your young plants. This may not sound entirely friendly but the netting is actually quite safe. The only thing you could find yourself doing is helping guide a few birds out in the morning who attempted to run off with a few of your plants but forgot about the netting above them making the escape quite complicated.

Option Two

If your garden is equipped with a sprinkling systems consider setting it to go off every 15 minutes. This will startle the birds so that they fly away and may not even attempt coming back. If you use this option ensure to check the guidelines of your local government to ensure that you are allowed watering your gardens first as some states are being affected by droughts putting a halt on any outdoor water usage.

Option Three

Another great way to keep your young plants growing is by giving them their very own little greenhouses with a little help from milk or juice cartons. This may seem like a lot of work but if you want your plants to grow to become beautiful plants it will be worth it. Simply cut the bottoms out of the cartons and when your plant has grown enough you can remove the cartons as the birds will no longer be interested.

As you can see learning how to prevent birds from eating young plants isn't too difficult. All you need is the right tips and tricks and you'll be on your way to having a beautiful garden all season long. Give your young plants the chance for life and protect them, but make sure that you are also thinking of the birds in process and use environmentally safe options. There is no need to kill any birds in the process of protecting your garden, they are doing nothing but eating just like you do.


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