Productive day with N no. of breaks. How effective is this for UX Designers? How it will enhance their creativity?

Breaks play a very important role in keeping you energetic and happy. Check out how it helps me!



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When the Quarter starts, it feels like:
Itna saara kaam...Itni saare to manage the team...which tasks to allot to whom?
And a lot more questions coming to our minds.
This is very common human behaviour.

Kya kare, ya na kare kaise mushkil hai!
Koi toh batade iska haal toh mere bhai!
Kya kare, ya na kare kaise mushkil hai!
Koi toh batade iska haal toh mere bhai!

Every situation has its own solution. Every solution comes up with a peaceful mind and positive environment around and awesome teammates.

Work is just a part of life. Not a life.
Work is just a part of life. Not a life.

Discussions and other people experience plays a very important role in solving such situations.

Some quick tips and tricks to make your every day awesome and productive with no. of breaks you want:

  1. Start your day early when the world is still sleeping or going to wake up. Spend 45mins on your health. This will boost up your stamina and energise your nerves.
  2. Don’t sit for your work throughout the day. Attend meetings on a mobile phone. Keep walking as a habit.
  3. Plan your coming week before. It will help you in giving the perspective of the workload and in taking decisions quickly.
  4. Approach your seniors for their expertise whenever required.
  5. Coordinate with your juniors, plan to follow up twice a week. Give them space and build trust. This will help in getting time for yourself.
Foosball time at Rebel Foods
Foosball time at Rebel Foods

6. Have munchy breaks, chai breaks, foosball breaks to energise your mind. Constant sitting in front
of a laptop might take away your concentration. Especially for designers, it will take away
creativity if no breaks.

7. According to my experience, take a break after daily standup, lunch break, snack break, standing
breaks, in between stretching breaks, water breaks. You can choose type of breaks, you are
comfortable with.

Try to take micro-steps and all your quarter planning will smoothly get awesome and people around you will start liking you and love to work with you.

What I have realised, work come day in and day out but awesome connectivity, learning, sharing experiences, support from team members is really a need. It helps in establishing a good environment.


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