Productivity Tips for New Developers:)

"Where your attention goes, energy flows". Staying productive in today's world is quite challenging. If you choose Development as your career choice-Here are some tips I personally follow to make me alive in this development field.


Ishan Mondal

2 years ago | 3 min read

Productivity is difficult to measure. It's the x factor that grows everyday into you. It's the key that with consistency, makes anyone more effective and successful in whatever field they are right now.

Staying productive in today's world is quite challenging. If you choose Development as your career choice - welcome you just choose the first step to feel burnout and demotivation. Social media and internet can help and distract you in both ways. Here are some tips I personally follow to make me alive in this development field.

Don't Rush into things

Take your time and don't try to learn everything at a single time. There is so much to learn in the beginning and you can be frustrated over many things.You will try many things and will eventually feel demotivated after some time. Choose a programming language, take your time and learn slowly.

Focus on Basics

Early in the beginning just try to grasp concept of basics and don't waste time over which library or framework to choose. Frameworks helps us with the additional features that ease things. You should've a strong grasp in the basics to master anything. Not having a strong basics will affect you in the long run. New frameworks will be created to face new problems but the language basics will remain same.

Run out of tutorial hell ;)

Building some stuffs will help you more than watching tutorials. Yes, tutorials are very good at the beginning , but once you start in your gear, don't stuck in the tutorial. You will feel that you know everything while watching tutorials. But when you are going to enter the reality and make some different projects you will feel hard to solve even some basic problems. Your confidence will be busted.

Learn by building something

It's important to dirty your hands and build stuff in your own pace. It give you more experience than any premium tutorial would have. Programming is all about digitalize your own idea. By building something you will know how far you came through. You will gain real confidence and will gain experience. Start by small.

Consistency is the key

Success does not come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. It's better to practice 1hr for 20 days than practicing 20hr one single day and then just go away. Start today and grow 1% each and every day.

Don't comapare with others

Everyone has their own journey. It's most important not to compare yourself with others especially with senior developers. They are ahead of you in tech industry and have much experience than you. They worked their ass off to reach that place. Just focus on yourself.

Have a curious mind

Don't hesitate to ask questions in Google. Yeah Googling effectively is a super necessary skills a developer should have. Just keep a curious mind every time you code.

It's okay to make mistakes.

Software development is a huge industry. Nobody knows everything. Believe me, developers make a lots of mistakes. In your starting you could've frustrated over your mistakes. Try to analyze your mistakes, correct it and move on. By doing mistakes and correcting it, will open up the true potential in you.

In this post, we went through some tips and tricks I follow and you should follow to increase your productivity as a programmer.

Increased productivity will not only make your journey much easier, it will save your time and energy.

I hope this tips will help you to become a better developer. If you have suggestions on tips developers could use to increase our productivity, don’t hesitate to share them in our comment section. Folllooow me on Twitter and Linkedin for more content.


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