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A good impression and professional business attitude are defined by:


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Tips for making a good impression

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Last week I watched on LinkedIn an interesting event about creating the best possible impression on a job interview. I wrote down the important points, and I decided to use them for writing the current post.

Most points I wrote while watching the event apply to business professionalism. A good impression and professional business attitude are defined by:


A positive and self-confident approach always wins. It is challenging to have self-confidence nowadays, but the most important is to remember where people want to go and what they want to achieve in their lives.


Assertiveness does not recommend, and a passive attitude is too. The behavior should be calm, composed, and logical. Emotions should be at minimal use. Writing what to say beforehand is a good move before someone approaches an eventual business partner or client.


Being prepared for the worst and different outcomes is a must. With respectful manners, sincere interest, and honest behavior, the business meeting's outcome will be good. Contradictory. If the behaviors are bossy, falseness is written all over the face, and the vibe is: “Choose me, and I will take your money,” it's a big no-no.

Know Yourself

Of course, when someone goes to an interview or business meeting with a potential but unknown trade partner, there should be a clear picture of what people want to achieve with the personal meeting.The interviewed and the searching persons should be clear about what they want and if they can give what it takes for the new money or personal venture.

The decision to show up

Since everyone has flaws and good sides, it is important to accent the pros of hiring or choosing the looker. The decision should be thought about carefully and taken with a calm mind, not an emotional outburst.The decision is written all over the face of the person who needs the job or new business contact.


Here is the trivial talk about positive energy. “The Law of Attraction” explains clearly that what people think and send to the Universe as signals, feelings, and words come back to them. The same goes for the human meetings. People always feel what others send them as energy and vibe. The energy that fills the job or partner seeker fills in his whole being. It is like putting all the cards on the table of communication.

Clothing style

Right said, I did not understand why clothing style is significant, but after the online LinkedIn event, I realized.If the dark background, the clothes should be light because that way the character is seen clearly, and it gives an impression of “There is always a light for a better life, and this is me.” The ray of hope and light date from old age to make people move forward motivated. It adds to the confidence and stable personality outlook that could lead when the times are challenging

Communication tone

Here I line out that angry or indifferent tone always turns me off. The same goes for the people who communicate during a job interview or a business appointment. Communication tone should be calm, confident, low, respectful, and open-end because people want to feel like interlocutors. The monologue is a good thing sometimes, but not in business.

Professional knowledge

Even the best orator skills can not beat the knowledge about the topic or business people talk in the interview and presentations. I believe every serious conversation should be led after a deep information collection and see the two or more sides of the communication coin. Before every new meeting, research should be done to show intelligence and not feel like an outsider when people ask you for concrete theories.

The other parts of the LinkedIn event: “How to make the best impression?" I will interpret this in my next posts because now, I think I gave a proper explanation for Business professionalism.Professionalism is a mix of charisma, knowledge, and the other factors I posted above. Like everything else, this topic is complex, but once it's learned perfectly, it helps a lot.

Thank you for reading.


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