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Many business owners want to reach a larger audience via LinkedIn but are scared of LinkedIn advertising costs.


Camilla Lopez

2 years ago | 2 min read

Many business owners want to reach a larger audience via LinkedIn but are scared of LinkedIn advertising costs. As much as they want more patronage, they also want to maximize profit. Many entrepreneurs neglect this site when it comes to advertising. The focus is usually on Instagram and Facebook. While those other means are effective too, you should consider this one. Here are the many ways to market and promote your business without spending money.

Optimize your profile
Attracting customers starts with making your profile attractive. To attract the right audience, you need a detailed profile that tells your audience what you do and compels them to connect with you. After the first visit, they should trust your brand and be willing to part with cash to try you out. Your profile tells the world who you are, what you do, and why they should do business with you.

Create a company page
Asides from your profile, every business owner should have a company page. This gives you an avenue to tell potential partners, clients, and strangers more about your business. It has your company's name, logo, and a follow button for interested social media users. There is also an about section that explains the services your business offers. This section should also focus on the problems your organization intends to solve. Your page should be informative, exciting, and entertaining. Your target audience should be able to trust the news and tips you share there too.

Create Informative Posts
One thing that can make your page attract visitors and turn them into customers is the quality of content you share with them. Quality posts engaged their mind, teaches a thing or two, and solves a problem. Before clicking on the publish button, ask yourself if your content meets these three criteria. A better way to position yourself as an expert is to create posts that your audience cares about.

Be active on LinkedIn groups
Another way to promote your business without spending a dime is to join groups related to your field and share your content with members. With consistency, you'll get organic followers and people who are desperate to hear something new from you. This trick also allows you to build your reputation over time and build strong relationships with your readers. It is one thing to join an active group and another to be in one related to your field. If you can't find the best community to share your content and rub minds, create one.

Update your audience
Updates are usually underrated when it comes to social media marketing. Imagine that you posted news that a brand had halted the production of a product till further notice. Thousands of your dedicated readers would see it and lament how it has affected them negatively. Weeks later, the ban is lifted, but you don't update your news. What do you think they'll make of it? They'll probably believe you are unserious and want to take them for a ride. Always follow up with the latest update in your field.


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