Prophecies, Conspiracy Theories, and Claims About The Future

People come up with different reasons when they suffer through change. They try to make meaning and rationalize it so that they can mentally survive the winds of change.


Kenan Kolday

3 years ago | 4 min read

The world we live in has been changing massively over the last 50 years. But nothing similar to 2020 had ever happened before on a global scale. There is something big coming up. Let`s review some of the prophecies, conspiracy theories, and claims about the upcoming winds of change.

Some say it is the 12th planet of the Sumerians approaching.

Some eastern mystics and esotericists say that the Kali Yuga period is about to change.

Western mystics say that the Messiah is already on Earth and is already working for the prophecized 1000-years-long golden age.
Theosophists and New Agers support this Messianic myth but believe in another version of it. They also believe that we are at the end of a grand cycle, and a new chapter is about, to begin with, a creative destruction process on
Earth which cosmic and natural events would cause.
Spiritualists and astrologists say the Age of Aquarius is coming. They believe it is a transitionary period.
Neo-spiritualists say that the world is nearing the end of a big cycle, and this chapter will end with global destructions, giving birth to a new generation of people with higher-consciousness.
Sociologists say that the world needs a new type of civilization with 7.8 billion people on Earth.
Some politicians say that the world needs the 4th wave of democracy and a global government.
People working with generations say that Generation Y and Z are about a change of the human psyche. The world will not be the same anymore because of their very different and unique perspectives in every aspect of life. The good news is that they also talk about Generation Alpha since 2015.
Mystics say that it is time to stop fighting with each other for the limited worldly resources and instead share them and love each other.
Futurists say that some indices like the Kardeshev Scale (Type 1, 2, and 3 civilizations) point out the need for a change in the way we live, socialize, do business, and harvest energy if we want to avoid self-destruction with our advanced technology.
Conspiracy theorists claim that all the governments are the Superior Mind’s puppets, which some call Illuminati or Cabal. This dark mind has created the pandemic and unleashed it to stop the world prepare people globally for the coming of new world order.
Some Ufologists claim all this chaos is nothing but the Reptilians’ intervention as an effort to dominate the world.
Some ancient astronaut theorists claim that Annunaki, the mythological Sumerian gods, were extraterrestrials who landed Earth 475,000 years ago and started a colony, creating humans as the first slaves to find gold to repair the thin atmosphere of their dying planet.
They believe that a small group of Annunaki stayed on Earth after leaving before the Great Flood they created to wipe out the human race. They think they are the ones who manage and control everything and the governments on Earth for the last several thousand years.

Forget about all, but the scientific discoveries, social changes, mobilization, increasing levels of diversity, etc., are pointing out the fact that our world, our civilization, and ourselves are at the brink of a massive change. We better understand what is coming up and be prepared for it.

The golden question is what you will do as a person with free will and inner resources.

Unless you take action, you will just fly with the winds of change wherever they bring you. Harmony with the universe is wise as long as we know how and when to use it. You can remember your unique purpose and life mission in life and act upon it while harmonizing with the universe.

Therefore, only the ones who find the balance within can perceive the Truth, the unchangeable reality, listen to the hidden messages of life, be in harmony with the flow of the Cosmic Force, and find union with God, or however you name the Supreme Creator or the First Grand Cause.

The wisdom explained above is not a target by the by-product of an inner journey to know yourself. We are all immortal spirits that are incarnated into a body cage. We are bound by the limitations of this physical realm and our material bodies. The good news is that we are still underutilizing many of the universe’s laws and principles and our spiritual abilities.

It requires waking up from the illusion of scarcity and limitations to a new consciousness of prosperity and love. I have explained this process of awakening in a sci-novel (the link is below at the end of this article) that unites the past and the future and unifies philosophy, science, theology, occultism, esotericism, and alchemy.

You have got only one life, and the time is ticking away. Is it not better to pause and self-reflect to start an inner journey of self-transformation that will make you happier, more successful, and more tranquil.


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