Prostitution is the karmicons violence against women and men (½)

Prostitution is another form of heinous and sadistic violence against humans, especially against women. No wonder that the karmicons psychopaths are torturing women so much as they are naturally very tender, supportive, and loving. The karmicons used prostitution to spoil natural partnership, love, and sex. They did everything to harm and destroy Good, ugly Beautiful, and dirty Pure. They enforced their virtual battle between Evil and Good (in their game, Evil always won at the end) to all field


Senad Dizdarevič

a year ago | 9 min read

Recently, and together with our space friends, we removed a group of criminals from the planet Palki who was selling women for sexual abuse. Iztok Videli and Igor Nun were the leaders of the criminal prostitution ring. Vivikum, a company for precious metals helped them to convert money to gold. In the end, all of the criminals and their partners converted everything to nothing, and flew off the planet.

Prostitution, a cheating snake.

Prostitution is another form of heinous and sadistic violence against humans, especially against women. No wonder that the karmicons psychopaths are torturing women so much as they are naturally very tender, supportive, and loving. The karmicons used prostitution to spoil natural partnership, love, and sex. They did everything to harm and destroy Good, ugly Beautiful, and dirty Pure. They enforced their virtual battle between Evil and Good (in their game, Evil always won at the end) to all fields of life including the relationship between man and woman. Being totally authoritarian, they gave men an advantage as more worthy humiliating women as less and no worthy. Men as Good, and women as Evil. As we know from the cross-thian myths, Eve was charged for the expelled from paradise only because she was curious and wanted to know. Yahweh cursed her forever as a woman who must stay ignorant, enforcing her a hard life and suffering. Especially the birth was to be the most painful because it represents a birth of a new life and a new Good. Yahweh as the karmicons god baptized this new Good with Evil at the very coming to the world: “You come in pain, you live in pain, and you leave in pain.”

We saw how the Muslims, who share Yahweh with Jews and cross-thians, very also very afraid of the women’s knowledge, so they have strictly limited their chance for education, enclosing them literally and symbolically into black sacks so they could keep them in the darkness of the ignorance. The separation from knowledge, freedom, and independence is a classical karmicons method of “divide and rule”. Even if they give something, they give only to take it away, sooner or later. In the end, they take everything, including life.

The karmicons being Evil beings are very allergic to Good. When they see anything Good, they must harm, destroy and kill it. If they “create” something, they create it only to destroy it. With destruction, they spoil the idea and meaning of the creation which is to maintain and use for useful purposes.

Prostitution is another example of the heinous and low karmicons violence against humans which they use to limit a good life, freedom, and independence. They force women to sell themselves for survival, and they force men to buy technical sex with a live doll. They also enforce pimps who have a symbolical role of the karmicons, to abuse both, trade with humans, and exploit their weaknesses. For the pimps, prostitutes, and men customers are just merchandise in which they see only money. They have forced women to have even 20 customers a day. Greedily, they have exhausted them to the bones. For the karmicons, we are also just merchandise, as they have abused us for their pervert orgies, and after them tossed us away like squeezed packages.

The karmicons used prostitution, striptease, and similar exploitation methods to intentionally distort the natural and real image of men and women. Men thought that women are just merchandise: easy, payable, and buyable. When they bought a woman they could do what they want with it. When they used her, they simply tossed it away and bought another one. To women, they also distorted a natural and real image of men falsely presented them as women abusers and sex maniacs. No wonder because men often come to prostitutes with their perverted and violent fantasies.

In the prostitution business, there are pimps, prostitutes, customers, and their eventual partners, or in other words: criminals, sex workers, buyers, and cheated partners. The karmicons humiliated prostitutes also with nicknames such as whores, hookers, floozies, etc. Most of the prostitutes has harmed and/or destroyed personality, come from shattered families, and are mostly uneducated. The same goes for their pimps. The karmicons balanced the game by sending them men customers who were personally primitive, underdeveloped, and retarded who couldn’t understand who are men and who are women, and what is natural sex. Those who were married, and cheated, didn’t understand what is a natural partnership, and how to live in one, how to nurture and develop it. If there were no sex, or it wasn’t enough or the kind they wanted, they should tell it straight. If it was possible to sort it out, they would do that, if not, they would search for another partner. There wasn’t any sense in staying in an unsatisfactory relationship keep cheating their partner behind their back. One of the visitors from other planets reminded that visiting a prostitute, a woman, or a man one, one partner can revenge to other for the unsatisfactory sex and/or other things as well. The cheaters were also very selfish destroying the chance to have natural sex with a partner. If there is a lie between partners, they are not honest to each other and they don’t have an honest partnership. If they are not good to be together they are good to be separated. Persisting in bad is bad for both of them. That is a typical example of the karmicons partnership and suffering in a bad relationship instead of living and enjoying a good one.

To look better, they also called the prostitutes “sellers of love”. They were sellers but not of love. They have sold only their bodies, most of them very cheap. Despite prostitution is understand as the voluntarily selling of sex, this criminal activity is often sex slavery and human trafficking. Difference between the prostitution and human trafficking is that in the first shop, they sell the same person many times to different buyers, while in the second case they sell one person to one buyer or to the criminal gang. A single buyer or the criminal gang can then sell a person to another buyer but usually doesn’t change as many customers as the prostitute who works on the conveyor does.

Prostitutes are just live dolls, just products with price. Prostitution devalues and humiliates a man too because he has to pay for the technical sex. Prostitution ring criminals had a price list for women, same as the map for the pig in the butchery. Head: x, hand: y, front side: w, backside: q. The mentioned criminal group had also actions: they have offered to customers a 50 % discount for the second prostitute. If they took three of them, the third was free. One of the visitors from other planets said very well: “The prostitutes have a price but they are without value.” The moment they get a price sticker, they lost all their value. They are not beings anymore, they become just products.

Many prostitutes are addicted to drugs which they use to detach from the body and survive a couple of minutes of violence upon them. Customers are often very aggressive, beating them so they use drugs to ease the pervert horror show. Pimps like to hook them on drugs so they tie them up stronger and more easily control and subordinate them. They sell them the drugs themselves earning additionally.

The karmicons intentionally make the lives of the prostitutes as hard as possible enforcing them with unwanted pregnancies and infected them with sexually transmitted diseases. They are also the regular score of the night police actions. Some policemen charged extra for their night shifts with the prostitution services. More resourceful were offering the “protection” to pimps and to prostitutes allowing them to continue with criminal activities for the good payment on the side.

Crime is a poison that first and most harm the criminals.

The mentioned criminal gang thought that they are well hidden and that nobody knows about it. They had also tunnels for the underground traffic between their buildings. They thought that our space friends won’t see them if they will hide underground. Ha, ha, ha. Only the persons who are above our space friends, in the higher dimensions, can hide to them, everybody else they see on the platter. The prostitutioners knew they were in the destructive business, and that’s why they were hidden. Instead of ending it, they were rather “hiding”.

Soon after our space friends removed them from the planet Palki, the criminals said that they “smoothed” (in Palki language it means to “lose”) everything. Because of their stupidity, they have lost everything: freedom, wealth, and a chance for a fantastic life. There was nothing they should do, they could just wait at the latest to the end of this year, and they would get an estate, house, and a million euros for free. Most of them would never become millionaires with prostitution anyway. We are giving millions so nobody has to struggle in the poverty and to slave for the piece of dry bread, cry under the debts, and to prostitute every possible way to survive and suffer. They would just wait to become millionaires until the end of this year. There is no easier way to the millionairity!

But no, they liked crime more, and now, they lost everything because of it. They said to our space friends that they have to return to the planet because the Palki heals them. The planet healed them while they were poisoning it with selfish and maliciously destroying with destructive actions. Now, they want to go back to continue with their crime. To force and abuse women as sexual slaves for prostitution. Besides that, they were directly inviting men to cheat on their partners. With that, they have sabotaged our social model and perverted the basic relation between a man and a woman. Prostitution is a business and has nothing to do with true sex, let alone with love. It is just a sale and purchase of body: for men, senseless consumption of the sex product, for women, unpleasant subordination and sacrifice for five-minute instinctual harassment against her.

Above mentioned criminal gang is another example of cosmic stupidity. For almost three years and a half we have been loudly talking, clear writing, friendly advice, beneficially warning, and thoroughly removing all criminals from the planet Palki, including the hiding ones. Despite all of our efforts and clear evidence that crime will hurt them most, some of them still think that they are invisible and that they can continue to harm others without any consequences.

The actual existence of the prostitution criminal gangs on the planet Palki also means that some of the Palkies have rejected presented partner. It is a question on which we will have to answer very soon and sort this matter out, how much is this kind of person, and why they have rejected offered partners. Did they contact them at all? We know that many criminals didn’t so they can continue with crime work, most of them are men. Some could even contact offered partners, start seeing each other but behind their backs, they were cheating them with prostitutes. There is a chance that there were also some women among them who continued to be prostitutes. Both were actively collaborating in crime, with the peculiar fact that men even paid to be unfair.

To be continued.

All the best to all.


P. S. As you can saw, I wrote some parts of the article in the past time. I sent this message also to Palkies as a new Letter. Some destructive practices as religions, for example, are long gone, so I described them as matters from the past. I am looking forward that I will be writing about Earth religions and other karmic destructive systems in the past time soon too.

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