How to Publish regularly on Social Media Platforms even if you lack Confidence!

To overcome newbie jitters and create content on social media consistently, here's a guide.


Soundarya Sai Durgumahanthi

3 years ago | 4 min read

Creating Content on Social Media Consistently may be a hassle, but the rewards are huge.

Social Networking platforms are now a vital and irreplaceable part of everyone's lives and society. For the past two decades, it has changed the way people conduct their social life and pretty much impacted their lifestyle.

Suppose one looks deep into the society's evolution or the old systems of how a man behaves/ interacts with fellow sapiens. In that case, you'll realize that everyone is addicted to making bonds and socializing to feel lively.

The saying, "Man is nothing but a Social Animal, "is not just a mere saying after all.

For a human being, the master of socializing, is it tough to do the same on social media?

Social Media is a world of experts. There is so much learning awaiting as you gain a perspective and start implementing it. Sometimes, it‘s the chase to learn and implement more that turns into an ugly case of writer's block. Don't we all have a genuine desire for serving the audience with our work, but the unwanted perfectionism kind of holds us back?

Let us knock that one out before we begin to talk about getting comfortable pressing the cursor on Post/Publish, even if we are not a "great writer" yet.

Many creators have this magnanimous energy and a plethora of talent sprouting in their ways, waiting to get that boost that shoots them up in the sky. All the newbie freelancers, people with small startups and rather big dreams, people who have "the good stuff" but somehow lack the chops yet, create work at the level their brain works. And that's painful. Nobody tells this to people who are beginners. But, lest you worry, because your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. So we shall dive straight into the modus operandi, which would help you gather followers and reap you with Confidence.

  • Honor your Flair

Liberate your inner self by expressing the pure form of YOU! Your content should reflect a little streak of yourself. Do not judge yourself harshly; instead, let those 10, 20, 10,000 posts, blogs, and videos be your practice sessions, the ones that would polish your content and bring out the gold in you.

  • Never Compromise with the Quality

If one cares about what they are posting online and strives to play each shot as their best shot, they're already ahead of most people. To the best of their capabilities, creators who put in the work are bound to stand out, even in the overwhelming sea of content being published daily.

  • Stay Connected

A conscious effort to reach out is always going to help. For people or companies to grow, it's paramount to observe the surroundings and keep the chords connected in one way or another. You can do so, by -

  • Develop a multi-channel social media strategy

This would boost the level of engagement from your audience and spread more brand awareness about your business to improve the quantity and quality of conversions.

  • Select your customers' favorite platforms and hit bingo

Select the social media platforms where you are likely to find the maximum eyeballs. Instead of randomly choosing one, build your social media presence at the place where it matters.

  • Take the help of the Visual Aid.

It is not a hidden fact that nowadays, most of the population is on Facebook and Instagram. While other platforms have this option, too, there is no running away from pictures. People on social media are more attracted to pictures because humans are, after all, visual creatures. This means you should share more visual content such as videos, collages, short films, documentaries, slideshows, etc.

  • Tailor content, according to the mixed media.

Have a unique style but find new ways to depict it individually on every social platform. Your brand should be reflected in the same way, but the methods can be altered well to suit that specific platform.

  • Consistency seldom fails

Keep Your Brand Voice, Tone, and Vision consistent. It's not easy to say that you're a stand-up comedian; you need to show and prove that you are funny, you need to develop further your ideas to support your approach. You cannot just control people's perceptions, you have to work hard to keep it the way you want, or you can damage an otherwise flawless reputation.

  • Stay Positive and True

It is essential to be humanly relatable. The world is not what we see in the digital space but far more prominent and earthly than the 'worldwide web' could ever express. Therefore, one must keep in mind their audience and how to feed them with daily content. When it comes to social media, transparency is everything. Successful brands using Social Media for business know the importance of humanizing and its value to their customer's loyalty. The greater reason you make your social media presence felt is to expand and score profits for your business, but that should not mean you go out there and hard sell your audience. Always have the notion of helping rather than selling.

In the end, keep in mind that social media is free, but it still is an undoubted force of power, which can grow you a solid follower base for eternity, and help your business skyrocket, ONLY IF USED IN THE RIGHT WAY.


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