Python vs PHP vs JavaScript: Which is the Best Programming Language for web app development?

Python vs PHP vs JavaScript: Which is the Best Programming Language for web app development?


Angelina Jasper

3 years ago | 1 min read

Are you looking forward to developing a leading web or mobile app but confused in picking the best one among Python vs PHP vs JavaScript?

If yes, you have come to the right page as reading this blog; you will be able to pick the best and suitable technology for your upcoming or running business projects.

Python web development or mobile app development is not a bigger task, but choosing the right technologies for app development is quite challenging. If you opt to spend in an old, out-of-date programming language, you might put all your endeavors at peril. You may not be as successful as others who are adopting the updated and new versions.

Python, JavaScript, and PHP are the three leading programming languages, or you can say scripting languages in the globe. Let’s move further and start with knowing some essential things about Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

What is Python?

Python is one of the best scripting languages, compatible with the Linux platform. Several industries made servers using it as it is so flexible. Guido van Rossum created Python. The creator worked on it between 1985 and 1990 years.

The source code to Python is accessible under the GNU General Public License (GPL) for use. This high-level programming language is general-purpose, object-oriented, and interactive. Using Python, you can work on back-end development, software development, data science, writing system scripts, etc. Sometimes you face issues while working with Python, so to overcome this sort of hurdle, you can hire Python developers.

Python with 37.5K GitHub stars and 18.6K GitHub forks

-Uber, Netflix, Google, and 7250 more corporations reportedly utilize Python in their tech stacks.

Benefits of using Python

· Easy to write, read and learn

· Enhanced Productivity

· Interpreted Language

· Dynamically Typed

· Free and open-Source

· Limitless libraries Support

· Portability

Disadvantages of using Python

· Slow speed

· Runtime error

· Higher memory consumption

· Limited data access

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