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If you are a business owner and using Quickbooks accounting software then, you must have come a lot of errors. One amongst them is the QuickBooks Company File Not Found error. You might be experiencing this issue due to multiple reasons. One simple thing to check in the first place is whether you are using the latest version of Quickbooks or not. Although it might be time consuming, you should surely fix this issue as soon as possible. 

When your desktop gets bugged with this problem, there are high chances of data loss. There happen to be a few more issues that come along. So if you are facing the warning message of “The company file you selected could not be found” it's this error.

What causes QuickBooks Company File Not Found?

If you are unable to open the company files on your desktop; there can be multiple reasons. This can be caused due to either the software, or due to location changing, or even if you have changed the name of the file. So let’s have a look at a few important reasons amongst them.

  • Probably the file location or file extension is causing this problem on your desktop.
  • You might be using the outdated version of Quickbooks desktop. If that’s the case, just upgrade it soon.
  • Also, there can be a network connectivity issue whenever you are using Quickbooks software in the multi-user mode.
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Resolving QuickBooks Company File Not Found error

To solve the QuickBooks error of Company File Not Found you will have to focus on a few things.

Solution: Ensure the network connection is stable and strong

To start with the solution, you will have to ensure that the network connection you are using is strong and stable. Here is what has to be done.

  • Identify the server computer and follow these steps.
    • Press “Windows+ R” on your keyboard and then in the search bar, type “CMD” and then enter.
    • Now again in the space bar, just write “ipconfig/ all” and then click on “Enter.”
    • You will see the hostname there, just make a note of it.
  • Next, you will have to “Ping (with your server name) and then hit the enter key on your keyboard.
  • If yoacross u get the reply for each packet on your computer. Then it indicates, everything is good. Otherwise, you will have to connect with an expert or an IT professional.

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Apart from checking if the Quickbooks software is updated or not; this is the quickest way to fix the issue. It will help in QuickFixing QuickBooks Company File Not Found issue for good. But if the server reply is “packet loss” or you are not getting a quick response- it means that the internet is slow. In this case, it is always good to consult an expert.

And we have a complete team of experts who can help you with your issue. Just dial the number +1.855.738.0359 given on our website and immediate assistance will come your way.


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