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Quietly Creating Passive Income Streams Is My Favorite Form of Self-Care

In a world jockeying for your attention — become the creator and watch the Universe open its doors fully of opportunity.


Jon Brosio

4 months ago | 6 min read


The flywheel effect of self-improvement → business growth

I'll take on the challenge to create an additional income stream over a pro bono shiatsu massage and any day of the week.

It's not because of the obvious financial gain either. It's not because I'll have something fun to talk about at this year's Thanksgiving dinner.

It's not even because maybe my father will finally think what I'm doing & building is legit.

It's because of the long-lasting mental clarity and freedom it provides. It's because of the confidence that is developed due to overcoming hard obstacles. It's because of the community it builds.

It's because of the reinforcing belief it helps solidify that, if I can do this — what else am I capable of?

My father's generation doesn't understand self-care, "you just push it down until it doesn't hurt anymore — that's what we did."

No thanks — I think I've found a way that works for me.

Successful people want to help people already in motion

Contrary to what the trolls might tell you — you can find some badass people doing cool things on social media.

You just have to look past the meme accounts, trolls, and gym-bro influencers.

I was on a Zoom call with a notable creator the other day,

"Think about how wild this is, right? There is such a small chance that we wouldn't have come together if it wasn't for our work and us taking a chance on ourselves."

"Well I saw what you were doing and I thought — this dude has something to say!"

Our work brought us together.

Writing and digital entrepreneurship and creating new income projects can open the doors to networking opportunities you could never have imagined. You're able to community and fostering a positive community is directly connected with better mental health.

60% of Americans are feeling lonely and isolated. Quietly building passive income streams is a way of helping one reverse that trend.

Overthinking: The reason the smartest people aren't always the most successful

My former roommate is one of the most brilliant people you'll ever meet.

He's not afraid of any conversation. His curiosity of ideas is contagious. When he puts his mind to learning about something — kiss goodbye to spending recreation time with him. He'll be in his room on the laptop for the next week and a half.

He's a sponge when it comes to sucking up the knowledge of the world.

His execution and application on those ideas?

That's another story…

You see — he's been starting a YouTube channel for four or five years now. It seems like every quarter, the idea changes. It doesn't change because it's what his audience is telling him they want — it's because he learns a new tidbit about the world and wants to apply it.

Building income streams is like dancing: sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Sometimes you trip. Sometimes you're offbeat. Sometimes you embarrass yourself.

But when it all comes together — damn is it glorious.

Every time you try and build a new income stream, you learn. You learn what your audience wants. When you learn more about what your audience wants, you learn more about the value do can provide the world.

When you learn more about the value you can provide — you learn more about what a gift you are in this world. No joke.

The power of diving headfirst into distraction

A third of Americans see their jobs as "just a means to get by."

Reading that breaks my poor little heart.

More and more, people are turning to social media and Netflix to help quench their thirst for some type of excitement and entertainment. Now, we have Marky Mark Zuckerberg and his army of Meta aficionados preaching how the Metaverse is the future.

Excuse me while I dry heave for a moment…

We're in the midst of an attention war. There's no escape.

Instead of being the consumer of the content — why not dive headfirst into being a producer of the content?

  • Writing on platforms like Medium and Quora can provide you income just by typing words.
  • When you build a following, you can monetize your ideas via Substack.
  • Guest appear on podcasts and you can sell digital products to an audience looking for them.

Traditional jobs are disappearing. Take care of yourself going forward by stepping into the creator realm.

Blame is not a strategy for a meaningful life

"What is your opinion on this?"

Crap — she caught me. I wasn't listening…

"My opinion of what, again?" I asked.

"So at my work — I was looked over for a promotion. I know why too, the woman I was up against is buddy-buddy with the GM. It's bull. I perform better work and have a better track record."

I'm so confused. How am I to make an opinion on a situation I have no knowledge about and have had zero interaction with the people involved?

"Uh yeah," I responded, "office politics sucks — that's why I've taken myself out of the equation. It's scary working for yourself but I'm mainly in charge of the progression I make with my business."

Blame keeps you in a negative headspace.

And it's also easy. It's easier to make someone else the reason for your shortcomings than to take responsibility.

Building passive income streams doesn't let you off the hook. You're responsible for the money you make.

Being overlooked for a promotion can send you into a blame tailspin. I feel for you.

Quietly building income streams towards financial independence liberates.

Too many people underestimate the compound effect

If I were to challenge you to get up out of your chair and deadlift 400lbs, would you be able to do it?

Unless you're a gym rat psychopath — chances are no.

If I were to challenge you to build a passive income over the course of a weekend, that would help you quit your job — would you be able to build it?

Chances are no.

But that doesn't mean either of these two challenges aren't achievable. They just take time.

Every time you go to the gym and give effort, you feel good about yourself. The same is true for when you write an article. The same is true when you finish a page of your ebook. The same is true when you film an episode of your digital course.

I could go on and on…

And all those aforementioned tasks lead to making more passive income. But it's important to remember that they take time.

Me at 21: single , depressed, unemployed, confused and lost in life , playing video games every day

Me now at 26: 300k+ social media followers , reading books every day , amazing girlfriend , self-employed, happy

A lot can change in 5 years. Keep going.

— Alex and Books📚

I'm getting goosebumps…

Don't let the cynics convince you building income streams is hard

I don’t know who needs to hear this but, give it a go.

People will always tell you what you can’t do. Never what you can do.

 Tim Denning

We have a clear definition problem…

When I write the phrase, "passive income stream" what do you think of?

Many of you might be thinking,

I'm in Boeing jets, Global Express. Out the country but the blueberry still connect. On the low but the yacht got a triple-deck. — Jay Z

In other words: job quitting money.

But what would an extra $100 a month bring to your life? Sure — it's not going to help you call your boss and tell him where you shove it. But that's a utility payment. That's groceries.

In a way — that's life-changing money.

The little things that change your life are the best self-care available.

Wrapping things up

Building passive income streams is my favorite type of self-care.

Experimenting with new income streams creates a buzz about the work you're doing. Others take notice. The tide rises for everyone involved.

Creating takes you out of your monkey mind. It helps you from overthinking things. You can be an absolute genius — but if you wait for perfection to take action — that monkey is going to keep toying with you.

In a world jockeying for your attention — become the creator and watch the Universe open its doors fully of opportunity.

Want the best way to stay in your current condition? Blame others for your shortcomings. If you consistently blame others — you'll consistently see that you're going nowhere fast. On the flip side, if you consistently adopt tiny habits that move you forward — you'll become unrecognizable.

Taking calculated steps towards your desired self and future goals isn't hard.

Don't let the cynics trick you into thinking it's impossible.


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Jon Brosio








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