rajesh kumar


Founder & Head of Design INKONIQ UX Studio

Rajesh Kumar, Founder of INKONIQ, has over 22 years of cross-functional expertise in Technology, UX Design, Product Management and Marketing working with brands including Amazon, Flipkart, Sandisk, Societe Generale, Doha Bank, Government of Qatar, HDFC, AOL, Netscape, and Wipro. Rajesh’s passion for solving problems of big brands and fast growing startups using design thinking and latest technology led to the creation of INKONIQ, India’s leading User Experience Company. Prior to starting INKONIQ, he had been associated with a lot of high-profile global launches including AOL Music Top 11 Show that was nominated for technical "Emmy Awards", He was instrumental in setting up and running the UX Design practise, Interactive web engineering and Mobile app development teams for AOL GIC in India.