Raj Kuta


CEO @PsychoGenesis 🎱| B2B Demand Acceleration & Pipeline Optimization 🎱| Head of Marketing & Team Sales Lead DiWeWo

| 🎱 About PsychoGenesis We help Startup Companies & Brands increase marketing contribution to qualified pipeline and revenue while lowering customer acquistion costs, we've build a system to capture existing market demand in intent channels and create new demand in awareness channels. We test, iterate, and push boundaries to continually bring new strategies into your marketing mixβ€”giving you the edge over competitors. 🎱| I also help enterpreneurs and creators learn how to spread their content out so they get more pipeline, traffic & attention. 🎯| What you'll get from my content: βœ… Tips to repurpose and reuse your content βœ… The exact frameworks I use to build my content engine. βœ… Repeatable strategies to effectively distribute your content and get in front of your audience ♻️ CONTENT REPURPOSING ROADMAP ♻️ Copy my never-before shared process for turning your skills, contents or passions into a valuable online course in 60 days. πŸ‘‰ πŸŒ€|