Ravi Rajotiya


Senior Product Designer @ AU Bank

I love learning how people think and behave, and I leverage research to design user-centered products and experiences which solve both user and business problems. My process is a hands-on, collaborative, and iterative process. I transitioned into Product design because I had become frustrated by how people were often prisoners to poorly developed products that made their lives more difficult. My goal is to design products and experiences that are meaningful and impactful, and I’m especially interested in utilizing new technologies to improve people’s lives in innovative ways. Over the past 7+ years, I developed my skills in research, heuristic review, creating stakeholder maps, personas and customer journey maps, Web/App design, and usability testing. For 7+ years of my experience, I've been developing new products and services, being able to work from research to production. In my experience, I was able to design interactions for different touchpoints from the web to mobile.