Reasons For Life

Our lives are the way it is for a reason.


Annelise Lords

a year ago | 3 min read

Our lives are the way it is for a reason.

“I am here pouring my heart and soul out, and you sit there enjoying your lunch as if nothing I say matters,” Audrey complains, after swallowing a forkful of her Chicken Alfredo, with a gulp of apple juice.

Shortly, Nola swallowed the last bite of her chicken breast parmesan, wiped the sauce from her mouth with her napkins, then put it to the side of the plate and notified, “I didn’t eat breakfast this morning, so I can’t fix your never-ending problems and tell you the truth on an empty stomach.”

“What never-ending problems do I have?”,” she disputes, glaring at her on the verge of anger, her fork hoisting in the air in her right hand.

“Girl, every time I see you, you complain about something wrong going on in your life.”

“Everybody got problems,” she defends.

Signaling the waiter, who rushed over smiling, Nola turns to her, “You never seem to run out of them.” Handing him her debit card, “Take a $15.00 tip, this meal was delish.”

“Thank you,” he said with a smile walking away. He turned after a few steps, stopped, swaying around about 135 degrees, then asked, “for both meals?”

“Hell no,” Nola said, glaring at Audrey. “Pay for your own damn lunch!”

The waiter walked towards her as she unwillingly took her credit card from her purse beside her on the empty chair.

“No tip for you today,” she said, handing him her card. “Back to my problem,” she said as he walked away.

“Really?” Nola said in disgust. “That’s why you got so many problems.”

“Because I refused to tip him,” she protests.

“No,” Nola said. “Because you never give anyone or anything a play. The mess your life is in, it’s just life paying you back for what you throw out there.”

“I give when I can,” she fights back.

“When?” Nola asked, pulling her along with her up memory mountain while staring into her eyes.

Rage battles memory as they stare at each other, then she relents, “I wasn’t raised to give.”

“But you take,” Nola reminds her. “I can give you a long list of friends and family whose kindness you have taken advantage of, including me.”

“I didn’t ask them for anything,” she argued.

“But you took what they offered,” Nola reminds.

“I still didn’t ask them for anything,” she defends.

Nodding, “watch this,” Nola suggested as the waiter approached with two tiny gift bags.

He smiled at Nola and returned her card and a tiny bag, saying, “Thank you for coming.”

His smile disappeared as he turned to Audrey, handing her the next bag and her card. Then he walked away.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling as he walked away. She searched the bag he had given her. Nola watched as her eyes widened, disappointment spread out across her face like rain clouds spreading across the sky.

“He didn’t do it. Life did. This is what I am trying to explain to you. Your life is the mess it is because of how you live it.”

“I don’t have to tip anyone, anywhere I eat,” she protests.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Nola said. “But life must do what must be done.”

I don’t complain, so the people in my life think I have no problems. I don’t have a good life, but I live a good one.

Life, through kindness, understanding, wisdom, discretion, and pain, are a few things that taught me how to live. That is after studying the lives of people who are always complaining. I figured out that our lives are the way they are for a reason. Our actions, choices, and decisions contribute to balance or imbalance in our lives. Kindness is such a powerful tool that the universe protects a kind heart.

I owe everything I possess to kindness. Humanity cannot do without it, but it can do without the unkindness our world shares. Doors, hearts, pockets, and souls will open for a kind heart. Humans don’t have to do what they don’t want to. But life must, and it pays all of us back without prejudice.

Why is your life the way it is?

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