Reasons To Upgrade To A King Mattress

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Exactly what type of bed do you want? We are selling a new type of king mattress in charleston, sc, for your beloved one, which is a major life change. We'll break down the various mattress sizes and help you find the best one. Our king-sized bed is the stuff of dreams. There is no one best way to enjoy one another's company. If you buy our King Size Bed Online, you may relax with your loved ones and pets without squeezing everyone into a tiny room. 

These advantages may convince you that the higher price tag on a mattress queen charleston, sc is well worth it. The proportions of our king bed are designed for comfort and restful sleep. If you've got the room for it, go for our king-sized bed & sleep like a king (and get better sleep, too). 

Learn more about our broad selection and where to buy a king-size bed online by reading on! 

Measurements Of A King-Size Bed, In Ft. And Inches -

Our king-sized bed is frequently called the "ultimate comfort" mattress. Its width is 80 inches, and its breadth is 76 inches. Kings, the largest standard mattress size, could be a good choice for families with multiple children sharing a bedroom. How about the most amazing part? Our King-sized bed is made by stacking two queen-sized king mattresses in charleston, sc. For couples who want varied mattress firmness, this is a great solution. Consequently, depending on your preferences, you can sleep on one or two additional mattresses in the same bed. When it comes to beds with a split back, this is your only real choice. 

Won't You Be Happier On A King-Sized Bed? 

The width of our king-sized bed is 16 inches wider than that of a queen bed. You might just need a couple of extra inches to have a good night's sleep. Couples who share their bed with children or dogs often complain of a lack of room; however, this issue can be avoided by upgrading to a king-sized bed. 

Pros Of King-Sized Beds 

The following are some of the many benefits of our king-sized mattresses. 

·Expands the sleeping area 

Do you worry that you'll roll out of bed at any moment? The mattress may be too short for your feet. This problem is exacerbated when teenagers continue to sleep in twin or full-size beds. In a few years, they will no longer fit in that bed. You can't get any shut-eye if the bed is too cramped, and that's a fact. Recent studies have shown that people move around 40–50 times during a typical night of sleep. Having some breathing room on your bed is important, even if you're already uncomfortable. Our king-size bed is more comfortable if you have trouble changing positions during the night. 

·For those who have problems drifting off to sleep

Maintaining a strong posture when sleeping can be difficult for people with back discomfort, arthritis, or even other joint problems, leading to restless nights for those who already have trouble sleeping. Immobilizing the affected joints for an extended time may make the pain worse. Because of this, most people with chronic pain also struggle to get a good night's rest. Many people like king-sized beds because they provide more space to move about while sleeping. Those who have trouble sleeping and their partners will appreciate the extra space, as they will be less likely to be awakened at night. 


Getting enough rest is essential to overall health and well-being, so don't shortchange yourself on this necessity. We recommend upgrading to a larger bed if you sleep better.


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BoxDrop offers HUGE blowout deals on super-comfortable, high-quality mattresses. Get up to a jaw-dropping 80% discount on traditional retail prices while inventory lasts.







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