Reasons why failing is wonderful.

Value the process


Lucía Bustamante

3 years ago | 2 min read

Accepting failure isn’t something that is in our nature, perhaps we have been fortunate to have received an upbringing that made us strong to face it and learn from it, but in general failure discourages us.

Value the process

From childhood we are exposed to failure, as we acquire more responsibilities the chances of failure increase, we are not perfect and we are not prepared.

What some call failure, I call it reconverting. During my career I have had several failures, and I can say that many of my successes happened thanks to the things I have done wrong in the past.

I have learned not only about the final lesson but much more I have learned during the process.

They should teach us since childhood to value the process, the way to achieve something, that the goal itself. In general they have taught us not to lose, to compete.

Join people who vibrate in your same tuning

During my career I started many ventures, years ago I created a clothing brand with a colleague, the project didn’t prosper since that person and I were not in the same tuning, the learning was: Join people who vibrate in your same tuning and share your same goals.

This is not easy to discover but you will notice when you find that person because everything will flow without much effort and you will not feel the project like a “backpack”.

Finish on time

In another occasion I started a project for freelancers by myself. A web platform that showed people’s profiles, and connected them with companies.

The project started on a very high plateau, but it failed because I couldn’t handle with everything, I was designer, developer, customer support and community manager.

I didn’t have the time nor the technical expertise to carry out certain things that were essential for the project to succeed.

The project didn’t prosper and I decided to cancel it. I learned that it is better to finish something on time than continue when we can’t handle it. I also learned that you have to ask for help and that things need a planning to not leave stuff to chance.

Let go and leave room for new projects

For 5 years I carried out an art collective, during those years with great success, but after so many years I felt that I wanted to do something diffent, and the project was not exciting me anymore, so I finished it.

Learnings: Leave what no longer brings us gratitude, and leave room and time for new projects.

Now with a lot of acquired learning, I choose better the people who I team up with. I also dedicate myself to what makes me happy and rewards me, and I’m not talking about money, but to use time for doing things that are a hug for the soul.

To all those who feel they have failed in a career, in a venture, to fail doesn´t mean to stop trying but quite the opposite, take momentum to start over.


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