Recognizing Obstacles On Your Path To Personal Development

This is just an insight of how you can identify what obstacles are on your path and for you to develop a personal development


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Like choosing what kind of career you want for yourself, recognizing the path for your personal growth is Imperative. Depending on your assets,limitations, and objectives, you can choose the best personal development techniques for you.

Importance of understanding areas of personal growth

It's essential to identify your areas for improvement as this will enable you to determine where to make improvements in your life. This will boost your career advancement and career progression. You can also utilize it to find your upsides.

You will discover that some areas of personal development are more closely related to your profession than the others, you may choose to concentrate on those areas to increase your chances of success in the workplace. Though personal growth takes time keeping track of your progress will allow you to see your accomplishments and see advancement and motivate you to keep going.

Some areas where you can assess yourself may vary like:

1.Mental Growth

The way you think and learn things plays a role in assessing personal growth. It also has to do with how your thought process impacts your actions. Making your mind the sharpest tool to think crucially in critical situation, in times of crisis expands your self-awareness, how to and what to do while keeping a unheated mind.

2.Social Growth

Communicating with others how good are you? If we talk professionally communicating is the key to make a business expand. How you talk,your posture makes a lot a difference while communicating even in a small conversation between a friend. People can spot if you’re not confident speaking with them.

Another key factor is being an active listener. There was one saying which goes like, If you have the guts to stand up and talk, you should have the decency to sit down and listen.

3. Spiritual Growth

Connecting and depending on your GOD for whatever he/she has done for you every day may it be keeping you safe, giving you a blessed day or to help you in life to make you a better person. Keep GOD always first in LIFE,take out time on meditating the word of your religious books, scriptures. Trust me your anxiety and unease will disappear. Find your inner peace.

4.Emotional Growth

Expressing how you feel depending on the situation helps to make you a more stable person. Times during stress, burnout and anxiety will help you in emotional growth. Who knows you may be having a bad at work someday but if you have already the emotional stability you can handle it smoothly with no worries.No one is perfect but we are human beings, WE ADAPT, WE EVOLVE and WE Overcome.

5.Physical Growth

Taking care of your body and making productive use of it will help you for your future growth. Eat healthy, exercise and sleeping regularly are some key factors that comes under this category of development. Keeping your body, mind healthy and active can really impact your work flow may it be whatever you are doing.

Some Tips

Personal doesn’t happen overnight it takes a lot of introspection and effort but you can set up methods for evaluating your current mental,emotional, spiritual, physical and social states, take steps to develop areas that could use improvements.

Recognizing your strengths

Take some time to recognize your talents before deciding what you need to focus on. Consider sketching columns in a notebook or on a whiteboard, one for each area of personal development. Then, under the proper category, identify your most effective attributes.

For example, you may include "good communicator" under social development and "physically fit" under physical development. Assessing your strengths initially might give you motivation as you go through the areas where you can improve.

Setting Goals

When deciding how to improve your personal growth, you may set SMART objectives to help you track your progress.The word SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable,relevant, and time-bound goals.

This strategy can assist you in planning a specific goal,determining how you want to assess it, ensuring its attainability and relevance to your overall aim, and setting a time period for accomplishing the goal.

Expand your knowledge

You can always learn more, no matter how much you know.

Making an attempt to broaden your knowledge will help you cognitively improve as well as provide you with the information and tools you need to develop emotionally, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. Books area great help for starters or even watching educational videos on the internet.

There’s so much to learn and people tend to just limit to themselves where they excel at most of the time.

A Personal Message

My life has been has been a scrambled egg. So many hardships i have had within my 19years of experience from middle school till today. Everyone struggles differently and you should never compare yourself with other but try to help someone who actually has faced the same circumstance as you.

I always keep GOD as my number one priority. He is the one who protects me from one night to the other. Depending on him and praying to keep me safe makes me at ease that i don't have to worry about how my day would go. To whoever is reading this know that you are loved and treasured by many people you don't know. I want to conclude this case study by quoting a saying by William McRaven a US Navy Admiral. He says "If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed’".


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