Redesigning Google map contribution section

Grouping different way to contribute


Arun Karunanithi

3 years ago | 1 min read

I did this redesign a year ago for practice purposes. Recently when I visited back to google maps, I saw that they made one of the changes I did in my redesign. I felt happy as I did the right thing. So, I thought, I can share this redesign as my first medium post.

Grouping different way to contribute

Contributing to google maps is a bit complex as the different contribution options are scattered throughout the app. In this redesign, all the options are grouped into a single Floating Action Button. So, they can click and contribute by different methods easily.

The screen shown below is the screen which was existing before the recent update.

In the recent update by Google maps the different contribution methods are grouped and given as section named contribute in the bottom bar of the application.

‘Not applied’ contributions

When someone is making a contribution if they were not able to complete it because of network error or some other problems, they won’t be able to continue from where they left. They need to start from scratch again. It frustrates the user a lot.

Especially when they are adding a place to the map. In the redesign, ‘Not applied’ (Status of the contribution) has been made as a button in the history of contributions. So, they can continue from where they left.

Sharing photos

Photos are the best way to describe a place. Having a sharing option for photos can improve the user experience.

I hope you like the article. Thank you.


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