What is the relationship between your career advancement and the type of boss you have?

Why do we not realize the worth of our bosses when they are around us?


Saurabh Leekha

2 years ago | 2 min read

The truth is that the more you despise him, the more you remember him!

Why is it that the bosses who push us the hardest are able to get the most out of us? Why do we fail to recognize their value when they are present?

Let's assess Boss Personality based on three major factors:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Management Relationships
  3. Personality

Type 1 – Strong knowledge, strong management relationships, and strong personality

With him, you will gain the most knowledge. Even if your relationship with him is strained, stick around. With him, you will experience the most rapid growth. He will give you challenging opportunities and will always be there to support you. It is work that will keep him happy; deliver and he will reciprocate.

Type 2 – Strong knowledge, strong management relationships, weak personality

The issue with him is that he will never accept blame. He isn't the type to stand up for you. It's likely that he's portraying you in a negative light in front of management while remaining sweet in front of you. There will be no real growth here, so you will be stressed.

Type 3: Strong knowledge, poor management relations, and a weak personality

Type 4 – Lack of knowledge, poor management relationships, and a weak personality

The good news is that you will be promoted in the near future. Type 3 will be stressed and leave, while Type 4 will be asked to leave.

Type 5 – Lack of knowledge, strong management relationships, and a strong personality

God save you! The worst-case scenario is that he will bully you and you will be alone. The biggest issue is that he won't understand the job and will blame you for his poor performance. He will keep you in a job because he wants to be secure, but he will always push you because he lacks the necessary skills.

It's likely that your boss's boss lacks the required skill set as well. You can keep this job, but your chances of advancement are slim.

Type 6 - Strong knowledge, poor management relations, and a strong personality

He is a savage fighter. Fighting for you, your job, and the rest of the world. You will learn from him, but your chances of advancement are slim because he lacks management support.

He will leave the company at some point. You can apply for his position, but your chances are slim, or you can join him and hope that he maintains a positive relationship with management in his next position.


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