What My Relationship Journey Will Teach You About Your Prospects

It’s off-topic but highly relevant. I’m writing this based on my real-life experience. It’s going to reveal it all…


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2 years ago | 4 min read

Buckle up because it’s going to get real juicy as you read on. Not that kind of juicy, but romantic kind of juicy.

Leave if this turns you off. For the eyes of serious readers only.

I’m going to lead this article with my real-life romantic journey. Then, translate what I felt and how I responded to marketing.

Hopefully, this juicy article will give insights into your customer’s psychics. And how you can apply them in your marketing.

Okay, let me set the stage here…

Before I met her, I’m all about work. Client work, meetings, planning, and marketing consume my thoughts all the time. Even on weekends.

Work is a distraction for me. I’m at the stage of my life where being financially independent and stable is crucial. The 20s is a turning point for everyone, I guess.

But I couldn’t free myself from my past emotional baggage (FYI, my past relationships weren’t pretty at all so I lost hope in romance and focus my effort on work)

Money is important! Anyways…

One fine afternoon while I was enjoying my hot latte and transferring my thoughts onto my laptop, I got a notification.

I usually put my phone on silent when working but I didn’t that day. Weird. And it was from her. She was someone I had a HUGEEE crush on back in my university days.

We parted ways because she transferred abroad. I stayed. The worst part…I didn’t even get to tell her how I feel. I wanted to but I was so guarded I doubt our long-distance would work.

So I kept it to myself. Never met her again since the day I sent her away at the airport. I graduated and moved back to my hometown.

We live in different states. Plus, Covid made traveling plans impossible. So, yeah…

Believe it or not, we started texting each other recently. And did video calls too. My once guarded heart is finally opening up. I can feel it because she’s not like any other girls I have talked to.

I feel valued and understood. And heard. And safe

I started doing things I normally wouldn’t do. I started watching videos about relationships. Long-distance ones, to be specific. I want to learn how to be vulnerable with someone whom I connect deeply.

Customer Journey is SUPER critical

You’ve seen me from being guarded to finally opening up. I describe exactly how it feels like to reach that point of craving for transformation. This is real. It’s not made up. I truly felt that way.

Here’s what it means for you. Your customers have the exact same journey. Just different context. It could be work-related or health-related. It’s the same journey.

They’ll go from unaware to aware to taking action. And your marketing should meet them where they are at. Because you won’t marry someone on the first date. You’ll need to go through a process to commit to a marriage.

When your prospects are in the unaware stage, they won’t know the possible problems in their journey. They simply can’t see it like I was. Work was my priority. And it’ll stay that way unless something happens.

Your prospects are probably in pain and feeling lost

This is where your prospects experience the problems in their journey. In fact, they feel it so deeply it troubles them while they sleep. Marketers never know how irritating their prospects' problems are until they get feedback.

Well…now you know how irritating those problems are through my “juicy” experience. Pain is an emotion. And emotions are intensely powerful. I went through days of sleepless nights because I was excited. Very excited.

Marketers, you don’t need to make your prospects feel something. If you meet them when they are aware of their problems, they are probably feeling something already. All you need to do is empathize and connect.

Once they resonate with you, you’ve won half the battle. There are many competitions out there. If your prospects choose you, it’s a privilege to serve them. You can then walk them through your next steps.

You can be their only doorway if you met them where they are

So your prospects are feeling intense emotions and they are losing sleep. And they met you. Chose you. The next thing you should do is lock them in.

Lead magnets, free consultations, newsletter subscription…whatever it is. You’ll have to give them a compelling enough reason to allow you to enter their world. That reason is value — a solution to their problems.

Your prospects will always fall in love with results. It’s something you should keep in mind as marketers. Bring them results, they’ll keep you forever. By forever, I mean the only one in mind. And forever.

Your prospects won’t be considering other vendors now that they found “Their One”. Because they feel heard, valued, and understood. Other vendors become irrelevant. Customer journey is indeed effective and mind-blowing.

You have to let them buy and serve them well

Before I close this juicy article off, there’s one thing I would like to point out — you need to be making offers to your prospects. Blogs and YouTube videos out there are intoxicating marketers to be value-driven.

It’s not wrong to lead with value. But it’s devastating to end with value instead of making offers. You should be placing call-to-actions to promote your offers. How else do your prospects solve their problems if you don’t sell your solutions?

Write this down…your prospects want to solve their problems. They are willing to pay you to solve those problems. It’s a disservice to NOT make your offers.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not telling you to sell right off the bat. That’s a big no-no. I’m an advocate of making offers, not selling. Because an offer is an exchange in value while selling is pushing even if it’s not relevant.

Final words

I hope you get what I’m trying to say here. Digest this article twice if you need to because I journaled my roller-coaster experience to explain the best I can. I’m not usually this emotional but it’s a great example to illustrate the customer journey. So why not, right?


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