Here is how remote work is affecting hiring and retention strategies

Employees prefer organizations which are offering remote work over those who are not.



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How popular is remote work with employees? For instance, would they choose to work from home over a $30K pay raise? Would they give up an exciting job offer for it? Surveys from Blind, HRM, and EY revealed the answer to be a resounding “Yes.”

This article examines workers’ hesitations around returning to the office, its implications on recruitment and retention, and how remote work poses an easy solution. 

COVID-19, caregiving, and flexibility are primary concerns for workers 

The pandemic has altered worker preferences. COVID-19 risks and caregiving concerns are causing anxiety and angst among employees, thereby deterring them from returning to the office. The HRM study also found that employees expressed a growing desire for better work-life balance, less commuting, and increased flexibility—all prime features of remote work. 

EY surveys further showed that nine in ten workers now want greater flexibility in when and where they work. In addition, caregivers, tech and finance workers, and managers/leaders are more likely to switch jobs over the matter, proving that popular pandemic work trends are becoming the norm.

The absence of flexible work is a deal-breaker for employees 

Post-pandemic, flexible work will play a critical role in employee career decisions. EY reported that more than a quarter of respondents claimed better work-life balance would be a principal factor in deciding whether to interview for a role. Sixty-seven percent would accept a job only if allowed some element of work flexibility. Over half would consider leaving their current position without flexibility in work hours and location. The majority of employees who declined job offers cited “lack of flexibility” as the main reason. The findings mirrored the HRM study, wherein 44 percent of respondents stated they would refuse a role without some form of remote work. 

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