Is 'Repurposing' as creative as Creating content?

Have you ever had the urge to convert a Blog post into a Video or a Micro blog into a Meme? Ever wondered if an E book can be transformed into a PodCast? Yet another creative way of presenting content is 'repurposing' it to suit the requirements of the target audience.


Shilpa Sri Karra

a year ago | 3 min read


Heard of it?

Unless you have been officially transported from Venus or Mars for that matter, or you are a Pandemic Baby, there is no other way you can be unaware of one of the most horrifying disasters we are facing on our planet today. And one of the possible solutions to reduce or slow down its impact could be Recycling. Reusing things in a different form from from the original or repurposing is also a kind of recycling.

Similar to the other things on the planet, data or content consumption and creation is the next thing that can explode into a bubble of disaster. The rate at which digital content is being created and consumed today is humungous and is not going to slow down so soon. In fact I am not surprised to know that the number of people who use Youtube either for consumption or creation is more than 2 billion people, which is more than one third of the total internet users across the globe.

Recently, as I was wondering if just like reusing, refurbishing or recycling can help us reduce the impact of the climate crisis on our planet, there could be a way to avoid the upcoming data / content disaster, I stumbled across something similar. It is called ‘repurposing’ content.

What is REPURPOSING content?

Simply put, content repurposing is using the same content in a different format to attract a different set of audience or to bring out updated content without having to create content all over again.

Why should content be REPURPOSED?

There might be many reasons to repurpose content ranging from scaling our content distribution via other channels to expanding the reach to our target audience, from saving time and effort in creating new posts to growing our digital presence, from spreading relevant content with latest updates to improve the SEO of the content.

When should we REPURPOSE content?

Most of the content creators I am aware of have a scheduled plan for repurposing their content. It is a mostly debatable fact as to whether repurposing content once it is evergreen or old is better than repurposing relevant or current content. But to each their own. If you ask me, the only good time to repurpose content is NOW. We don't think so much when we create content, do we? Same rule applies for repurposing content too.

Where do we start content REPURPOSING?

Best things in the world are mostly the ones that start at home. No, we don't have to redo our home for that. We just have to run through content created previously by us and find something that is relevant even today. Something like evergreen content. Or we can always create specific content and repurpose it according to different digital content distribution platforms today.

How do we REPURPOSE content?

Pick up a piece of content, identify the platform to distribute content or the format to be repurposed to, add or modify things to suit the current day purpose and viola. That's the recipe for a repurposed content. It might not be as simple as it sounds, but it definitely is worth giving a try if you wish to grow as a content creator across various digital content distribution platforms.

Who does content REPURPOSING benefit?

Content repurposing can indeed benefit any and every content creator who

  • wishes to attract and increase his audience with content
  • aspires to be across various digital content distribution platforms
  • has the urge to meet the demand of audience
  • aims at working smart and growing exponentially
  • wants to generate more revenue from existing content

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? If you are a content creator, I am sure you must have tried repurposing content a couple of times yourself too.

And if you haven't tried it yet, well ! There is always a first time. What are you waiting for?


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