Required actions to eliminate QuickBooks error 6010 100

If you are getting QuickBooks error 6010 100, you can follow the steps provided in this article to address it permanently.


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QuickBooks is a reliable bookkeeping software utilized by businesses to oversee their finance. The software provides additional cloud storage to save financial data and dependable services like Payroll. The software stores the financial data as company files accessible to multiple users concurrently in the multi-user network. QuickBooks error 6010 100 emerges when the software fails to open the software files due to misconfigured hosting settings. If by any chance, this error troubled you while accessing your data, this blog will help you learn about the conditions that provoke this error and the appropriate procedure to tackle it.

If the approach seems complex, you can opt for quick troubleshooting provided by a QB support reachable at 1-855-856-0042.

Details of the issue

Getting locked out of the company files becomes a real deal because the financial data involved is vital for the business. This error will not let you access the file when the multi-user network has developed a condition. Any other system than the server might be running in multi-user mode, which causes network issues because only your server computer should be allowed to host the file. As a result, your access to the company files will be restricted, and there are chances of software crash after the error message appears on the screen. Therefore, the error must be eliminated to regain access to your company file data.

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The following conditions can be blamed for the development of this error in QuickBooks-

  • QuickBooks installation on your system was faulty, leading to the development of issues now.
  • The company file you tried to access is in an unreadable format for QuickBooks after incurring damage by a malware attack.
  • A workstation is running in multi-user mode, causing issues in the multi-user network.


You can find the most effective fixes for this QuickBooks error below-

Solution 1- Configure the hosting settings in QuickBooks

This error is liable to occur if any workstation runs in multi-user mode and tries to host a file. This causes issues in the multi-user network because only the server computer is allowed to host the file. This will raise issues while accessing the company file in other systems. To prevent this, you can approach all the workstations and refer to the steps-

  • Open QuickBooks and click on File.
  • Select Utilities and ensure the Host multi-user access option is visible.
  • If you see stop hosting multi-user access, click on it because the system is running in multi-user mode.
  • Go to the server computer and go to Utilities.
  • Make sure Stop multi-user access is visible.
  • Try to access the company file in the system that suffered from the error earlier.
  • Try the next method if the error is still not resolved.

Solution 2- Use the QuickBooks Tool hub to repair the software

This error can also occur if QuickBooks is internally damaged due to the corruption of some program files. Utilize the QuickBooks Tool hub to fix this issue on your PC-

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool hub.
  • Click on Program Problems and select Quick fix my program.
  • Wait till the tool finishes the repair and reopen QuickBooks.
  • You’ll be able to access the company file without any issues now.


We hope you are now informed about the causes of QuickBooks error 6010 100 on your PC. The blog also contains some methods to counter this error that can help you rectify this error from your QuickBooks.

If the error still appears, consult a QB ProAdvisor professional at 1-855-856-0042 for guidance.

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