What is Requirement in Software Development

This is the basic explanation of requirement in software development.


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A software is usually developed based on the requirement. The requirement can be gathered from a client or stakeholder. A good software is a software that not only has a great performance, but also satisfy with the requirement. Because of that, requirement is an essential part in software development.

What Is Requirement

Requirement can be defined as a specific goal that has to be achieved by software. The requirement must be specified correctly and easy to understand.

Requirement Types

There are two main requirement types including functional and non functional. Functional requirement is a main requirement that must be achieved by software. Non functional requirement is a additional requirement for functional requirement. The non functional requirement is optional.

How to Get The Requirements

Software requirement can be retrieved by many ways including observation, focus group discussion (FGD), interview with the stakeholder or client, using questionnaire.

The activity to get the software requirements is called requirement elicitation. This activity is started in early phase of software development. The process that related with software requirement is called requirement engineering. These are the general steps in requirement engineering.

1. Do the requirement elicitation to get the requirements.

2. Specify the requirements by define the actors and the

requirement's type.

3. Validate and verify the requirements

4. Create the requirement's model using use case diagram and

use case scenario.

5. The requirement's model including use case diagram and

use case scenario will be used as the basis in software


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