All The Resources You Need To Become A Frontend Engineer

Go from zero knowledge to $80k/year in 6 months


Domagoj Vidovic

2 years ago | 3 min read

Everyone talks tech these days.

And for the right reason — we, developers, need to create that magical invisible world around us.

We’ve just started. The number of opportunities is ridiculously high right now, but will be much higher in the future.

Almost any sort of new business these days requires devs.

Now is a perfect time to start — and completely transform your life.

However, it’s hard to start on your own.

The number of resources is just massive. Where to look at?

That’s why I’m here.

I’ve curated all the courses you need to become a dev. And made a plan for you.

If you have any questions (literally, any), feel free to ask me here in the comments, on Twitter, or directly on my email.

I will respond to every question.

I would be so fulfilled if I could help you change your life for the better.

Even though the content on YouTube is great, it’s hard to find real, complete, and structured courses with all the practical challenges.

That’s why Udemy is here; after one JavaScript course there, I got my first job as a Frontend Engineer.

That $20 I invested converted to… Well, a lot of money and equity. And who knows how much that will be in the future (I know: way more).

So don’t care about $20 today — in 6 months, you will be making $80k. If you're really passionate, you’ll be making $200k in 2–3 years.

This will be the best investment of your life.

I’m not trying to sell crap here. I adore my life as a Software Engineer — being able to work and live anywhere I want, and don’t care about money at all.

If I can do it, you can do it too.

If you’re going to buy any of the courses, please use the links I shared here, because I will get a small bonus for every sale. This motivates me to produce even more valuable content.

So, let’s jump into the plan.

1. HTML and CSS (1 month)

You can’t avoid them. HTML gives the structure, while CSS makes it beautiful.

Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML and CSS by Jonas Schmedtmann is literally everything you need here.

2. JavaScript (2 months)

JavaScript is, with HTML and CSS, the core of the Web. It powers our beautiful applications and is in charge of all the magical logic.

I’m sharing here the exact course that got me my first job — The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert!, again by Jonas.

It’s amazing that he updates the courses all the time.

Again, this is everything you need. The content so well structures that the experts can find value in it too.

I still occasionally take a look at it after almost 5 years of working with JavaScript.

3. React/Vue (2 months)

After you have the core knowledge, you’ve got to learn a JavaScript framework. React and Vue are extremely popular here; do some research and choose one.

I love Vue a bit more but if you want to land a job faster, learn React.

The demand for React Developers is the highest in the world right now. Not just in tech — in any field.

React — The Complete Guide by Maximilian Schwarzmüller (Academind) is the way to go for React.

If you choose Vue, pick a course Maximilian again: Vue — The Complete Guide.

4. Make a portfolio (1 month)

Free stuff now.

You need to create something and show it to your future employers.

There’s a huge number of ideas online. Just Google something like “frontend portfolio ideas”.

Here are 7 React projects you can jump straight onto:

To “upload” a project to the cloud, you need to learn GitHub. Here’s a great resource for it.

You’ll need to learn the versioning system, Git. Here’s an amazing visualization tool for that.

Optional: if you want to be really cool and deploy your website (so that everyone can see it online), it’s become incredibly easy with GitHub Pages. Here’s a tutorial for it.

Don’t be scare of the last 3 resources. They’re pretty easy :)


Yep, you got to this stage.

You’re packed with HTML, CSS, JS, React/Vue, and Git knowledge.

You made a project (or a couple of them) and possibly even deployed them.

You’re a star. Your skills are much needed.

Create a nice Cover Letter. Show your passion in the Motivation Letter. The things you did in the last 6 months are incredible — the employer will recognize that and give you the opportunity.

Lastly, just keep applying. Don’t worry too much if you don’t get responses from some companies, or if you don’t get an offer after the interview. Just keep going.

Remember, you only need to click with one company. It will come, sooner or later.

I wish you all the best of luck here.

If you need any tips, again, feel free to contact me. Always here.


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