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7 myths around resumes that need to be busted!


Dhairya Gangwani

3 years ago | 3 min read

“Your resume is that piece of paper which builds an interest in the recruiter’s mind and intrigues him to meet the person behind the piece of paper”

Pandemic or no pandemic, low salaries or high paying packages, recruiters will ask you this one question at least for the next 5 years, “please send over your resume, we would get back to you after going through it.”

Well, post 5 years we will still have Resumes being asked for, however, they will be digital ones. Video Resumes are the talk of the town and something recruiters will look out for in the times to come.

Today let me bust 7 Myths around Resumes for you. These are things I have tried, tested, and learned on my journey as a career coach and resume writer. Let’s dive in

1. A Resume is considered as a document where you need to dump and highlight everything that you have done in life

Well, this is the biggest myth around them, as the purpose of a Resume is to walk the reader through the milestones or significant highlights in your journey so far and build their interest in order to call you for an interview in person.

It is a brief summary or gist about your personality, skillset, and expertise. Keep it short and worth their while

2. Resumes must highlight your education and academia over other sections

Your grades and basic education for sure matter and have an impact on a lot of entry-level criteria in companies, however, recruiters and hiring managers to want to know more about your work experience, exposure, and your real-world experiences rather than focusing more on your educational grades.

The first section of a Resume, without fail, has to be your experience section.

3. A resume can be longer than 1 page

This surely is a myth around Resumes that needs to be busted. A lot of students and working professionals build a Resume going beyond 1 page, thinking it is a CV (an elaborate version of a Resume) or as a Biodata (an extremely detailed document containing all your details).

Freshers and people with up to 5-8 years of experience should especially keep this in mind as there is no reason that their Resume should stretch beyond a page. Professionals with experience greater than 10 years can still think of stretching it to two pages as it is viable.

4. The same Resume can be used for different Job Roles

What do you do when your professors tell you to submit a history assignment? You don't submit a geography assignment right? Similarly, how can you submit the same resume for a project management role and a product management role?

The crux of the matter is, each job role needs a tailor-made and customized Resume with the relevant keywords and skillset.

5. Resumes should contain all kinds of personal information

Well, information like your Email ID, Phone No, Profile links, and Location should surely be added to a Resume as these are key for recruiters to reach out to you and know a little more about you.

However specifying your age, gender, information about your family, entire address or specifying a declaration is nowhere useful to the recruiter and these details should be eliminated from your Resume.

6. Resume and CV are one and the same thing

A Resume and CV are two different things. A resume concentrates more on your skills and work experience. Whereas a CV focuses more on your research work and academia related grades.

A resume should ideally only be a page long, however, a CV can be any number of pages long as it is a detailed version of a Resume.

7. Resume Templates should be fancy and attractive

This is another myth that many people fall prey to. A good resume template is one that is simple, very neat, and basic. Too many colours and fancy elements make your Resume get rejected by the ATS(Applicant Tracking System).

Choosing the right Resume template is very crucial as it will act as the framework for all your important information being embedded. Keep it simple, that is the key!

Found the 7 Myths around Resumes insightful?

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