Between the right Job and the right Boss, Choose the right Boss

A job will pay you. But a boss will make you a creator of jobs.


Joshua Idegbere

2 years ago | 3 min read

There is more to life than getting what you want. More important than what you want is what you can become.

Your potential is the greatest asset you have. And cultivating is the wisest investment of your time as an entrepreneur who is just starting. A fully developed potential. Given the room to express itself could be the next big thing.

Unfortunately, many people settle for peanuts. Instead of looking for who will help them develop those potentials, they settle for a job with salaries that can get them expensive possessions to flaunt around with.

Had Ev Williams, the founder and CEO of Medium, did, probably Medium would never have been born. Instead, he confounded Twitter with Jack Patrick Dorsey. And today, we describe a story on Medium as a long tweet.

A job will pay you. But a boss will make you a creator of jobs.

Those who are more concerned about how much they are earning rarely become successful entrepreneurs. The evidence is all around us.

Almost every top and most paid writer on Medium started when there was nothing like the Medium Partner Program. None of them was paid for writing on the platform — unlike it is today.

For many years, those writers were developing and honing their skills. They were developing their potential and giving them expression. Ayodeji Awosika, Tim Denning, Niklas Göke to name a few.

Ayo, in one of his articles, related how he learned to write very persuasive headlines from the legend Jon Morrow. And he wasn’t been paid to learn those. And probably he bought a course with his money.

Today, the results are glaring. Top writers. Most paid. And having an amazing time with the audience they have built over the long years.

Some writers after doing it for some time gave up. Why?
They were out for what they can get, not what they could become. They were more interested in the right job than the right boss.

Today, the impact and reach of Medium have shown that Ev William was the right boss for most writers, authors, and editors.

Work for the right boss.

Image Credit: Pixel
Image Credit: Pixel

A job will pay you. But a boss will make you a creator of jobs.

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, noted:

“The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.”

At best, you will only succeed in having a number and figure relationship with your job. But you develop a life-enriching relationship with the right boss. And most of them could be life-changing.

The reach of the right boss goes beyond your performance on the job. It extends to your personal life. Your family, your health, your fears, your dreams. No right job can beat the reach of the right boss. None.

Here are two shreds of evidence of working for the right boss

1. The quality of the relationship you develop with your boss or manager or superior.

Brigette Hyacinth, Author of Leading the Workforce of the Future, recounted an experience she had with a manager:

“I once stayed in a job where I was underpaid. But my manager was so fantastic that I found it hard to leave.”

It is easy to break up with a well-paying job. Many people have. Michaela Alexis, Tim Denning, Ali Mese.

Only a few ever break up from the right boss. Rather, they apply what they know, and learned over the years to create a startup even as they maintain those relationships.

2. Your attitude towards the company

When you work as if the company were yours. It is an attitude that tells a lot about the air of your work environment. Support, teamwork, care, inspiration, motivation.

You can’t but work with that attitude when you are,

  • Surrounded by people that push you to do better. No drama or negativity. Just goals and higher motivation.
  • People with good time and positive energy. No jealousy or hates.

With people who simply bring out the best in you.

Final thoughts

Finding a great job is silver. But finding a great boss is golden. And it is priceless.

So when faced between choosing the right job and the right boss, go for the second. There’s no telling how much you can become and accomplish working with the right boss.


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