Rippy Gauba


Lifestyle Blogger; Articles on Mindset, Motivation & Management covering challenges of Corporate life & Parenting.

I am an individual who feels that we have the power to impact the lives of others, i.e. only if we want to. This impact can be positive or negative, and we decide whom and how we want to influence. During my journey as a working professional, a wife, and a mother, I had an opportunity to experience both sides and am thankful to the people who influenced the people I could impact and me. It changed me personally and professionally and was the starting point of my blogging journey. So my blogs are all about 3Ms- Mindset, Motivation and Management. I write across three pillars - Life value systems, Parenting, and Corporate life as these three have been foundational for me.. the first one influencing the other two. And all three require the 3Magical Ms. So join me in building a platform for sharing stories and anecdotes which encourage us to lead a better, more fulfilling &gracious life. Let's create positive "Ripples" with 3Magical Ms.

Singapore, Singapore