The Rise of Agriculture 4.0!

Agriculture 4.0 supportive digital technologies, including the Internet, mobile technologies, sensors, remote sensing, drones, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, are changing agriculture and the food system across the globe. This article explores various facets of Agriculture 4.0.


Deepak Pareek

3 months ago | 6 min read

Agriculture 4.0 - Making Agriculture Efficient & Sustainable

I invite you on a Journey of deep insight into AgTech & FoodTech!!

The agricultural world is continually changing with multidimensional forces at play. COVID and Geopolitics leading to pressures on agriculture production and supply chain systems have made these changes becoming more profound. Especially the impact of these new dynamics on global food prices has made the impact more problematic as it threatens the food security of one-fifth of the world population.

Further, the need is for a more serious approach to one of the biggest challenges faced by humanity in the form of the Climate Crisis. The recent impact of climate change on corn or soya in the USA, wheat or rice in India, and many similar production regions are evidence of the fact that climate change will disrupt food availability, reduce access to food, and affect food quality. The projected increases in temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, changes in extreme weather events, and reductions in water availability are already resulting in reduced agricultural productivity.

We must look for a reset of the way we conduct our agriculture.

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