Roads Less Travelled ( "Get Set Go" )

Taking the road less travelled, how it can help you shape your life and make unconventional choices.


Sakshi Anand



2 years ago | 3 min read

We often come across the famouspoem by Robert Frost: the road not taken but how often do we find ourselves not following the herd of the pack and choosing a path for ourselves?

Science often suggests that we are often a bi-product of our surroundings and our personalities are often shaped by our peers, family, and colleagues. Then, how do we find ourselves choosing a path that is less taken?

It is easy to say that do something different but how many of us often actually are willing to take the risk and shape our lives in a way that is actually different from other?

I would like to share my personal experience here.

 I am a person who has often played safe in life by taking decisions with a set form of consequences. At least, I used to feel like that. But, not until my last semester in law school where I was struck with the question of what now? The obvious choices were: whether to sit for placements and land a job in litigation or corporate firm or to pursue a master's in law.

I chose to study further rather than going ahead with a job. But guess what? I chose to do a master's, not in law but in management. It just happened to me one day, I started researching the scope of law and MBA and as weird as it sounded to everyone around me, I was honestly fascinated by the idea of standing out of the crowd and taking a path that hasn’t been really explored by a lot ofpeople.

I suddenly had the guts of choosing a road that was less travelled. How did it happen? What changed in me? No one knows, even I don’t know how I was struck by the idea of it. But it's definitely not one eureka moment that leads you to suddenly leave everything and decide to pursue totally different from what you have been doing all your life.

It just wasn’t one day but a series of unprecedented situations that helped me decide that an MBA is something I want to pursue after law. And obviously, whenever I told this to anyone, I was faced with raised eyebrows especially due to surprise or confusion. But I was ready to walk into the hallowed corridors of a B school with a law degree now.

It’s just been 2months into B school and the first question I have come across to anyone I meet for the first time is “How come you are in B school?”.

Taking a nunconventional path is often met with a lot of questions and surprises. During my journey here, people have questioned my choices time and again but does it lead to me doubting my choices?


Because, once you have taken a road, you should focus on how to make your journey, even more, beautiful and not go back and reconsider the choices you have made.

In the end, I would like to say that it requires a lot of effort to make a choice that is not so obvious and not an ideal case scenario. But if you want to do something different in life and want to stand out, then you'll have to make unconventional choices.

How many of us would have had the guts to turn down a 1 crore offer at the age of 23 from an MNClike Vineeta Singh?

The answer is very few.

Was that a road less taken?

Obviously yes.

Did she face struggles during her journey to launch her own startup?

Quite a lot. I am sure she would have doubted her decision along the way to start her business but the fact is she didn’t give up. She kept on trying and is now successfully the CEO of a million-dollar company.

So, the path isn’t going to be a bed of roses but in the end, what matters is your willpower and confidence to stand out from the crowd.

Everything comes at a cost and you have to leave someplace in order to reach somewhere else.

You’ll find the courage in yourselves to make tough choices in life and when the inner you is saying something to you, I will suggest that you listen to it.

It is easy to get influenced and do what others are telling you. But, once you listen to yourself, and start acting on it, life will even more beautiful. As you will finally find the satisfaction of doing something for yourself and not others.

Take the road less travelled and be ready to get set and go. Find the courage to make unconventional choices and stand out from the crowd. Be a trendsetter and not a tend follower. And when you will finally be successful in your little stint, the world will remember you and cherish you


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